Building a Sustainable Business

Our Core Focus is Helping Customers to Build Sustainable Businesses and Optimise Protein Production without Negatively Impacting Future Generations, Contributing Positively to Sustainable Development.

“Anpario recognise that to safeguard the planet for future generations we must act now and our commitment is to give more back to nature than we take out.  

We promise to seek new ways of operating that protect valuable resources and continue to intensify our existing robust environmental and health & safety performance.

We are leaders in the field of speciality feed additives, our products capture natures ingenuity and work in harmony with the animals biology – delivering sustainable and natural solutions. It is through our products that we can have the greatest positive impact, empowering global animal protein producers to produce more with less, preserving vital resources, safeguarding food production and human health, whilst protecting the planet.  

We believe that through our product innovation, management of our operations and aligning with stakeholders who share our values and sustainability objectives, we can help our global customers to meet their own sustainable goals faster. For Anpario, it doesn’t stop there our aspiration is to give more back to nature than we take out”.

– Richard Edwards, CEO.


Our Commitment

Anpario is committed to conducting business in a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner. We will do this by focusing on Our People, Our Planet, and Our Promise.

Read our Code of Conduct or read more about each of our pillars here.

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Driving sustainability is a core focus for Anpario, underpinned by our people, the delivery of leading product innovation and operational excellence, and engagement with key stakeholders. We are building on strong foundations and are committed to continuous responsible development that will help to safeguard the planet now and for future generations. Alongside our customers we work responsibly to identify problems faced by protein producers globally, we collaborate with leading industry and research partners; Together we will find effective sustainable solutions.


Protect & empower employees.

Embrace diversity, equality and inclusion of our employees and their communities.

Committed to working with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders for a better tomorrow.



Drive global protein production and support our customers to build strong sustainable businesses, without negatively impacting future generations.

Minimise impact of our global operations on the environment.

Product innovation.

Committed to improving our supply chain’s environmental, social and ethical practices.



Honest, ethical, & responsible.

Positive engagement & partnerships.

Best practice, governance and stewardship.

Help customers/producers of protein build strong, sustainable businesses.



King’s Award – Sustainable Development

Anpario has been honoured with the first ever King’s Award for Enterprise, recognised for excellence in Sustainable Development. Anpario is one of 148 organisations to be recognised with a King’s Award for Enterprise, 15 of which received the award for Sustainable Development. The Kings Award for Enterprise is the UK’s most prestigious business accolade, designed to recognise and encourage the achievements of UK businesses.

CEO Richard Edwards commented: “The King’s Award is a great honour for the company and the achievement is testament to the dedication and passion of our staff who take sustainable development very seriously. Using our 3 pillars “Planet, People, Promise” our team delivers leading natural product innovation whilst ensuring operational excellence and supply chain integrity.”


Sustainable Development Goals

Anpario aligns with several key sustainable development goals set out by the UN in 2015, in order to support this global strategy. We recognise that we must play our part in creating positive impact for people and the planet, now and into the future.


Anpario seek to develop sustainable food production systems and implement resilient agricultural practices through responsible sourcing practices.




Anpario works with global protein producers to maximise the production of healthy food, and promotes a healthy lifestyle amongst its employees, customers and communities in which we operate.



Anpario produces its products responsibly, striving to source raw materials from suppliers with recognised sustainability credentials, and who align with our sustainability goals.



Anpario is tackling climate change through establishing energy reduction initiatives and making renewable energy investments.



Anpario works to protect and enhance marine life by working with Aqua producers globally to improve production systems, sourcing responsibly and reducing marine waste.




Anpario works collaboratively with other organisations and stakeholders with the common goal of sustainable food production.



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View our 2023 Sustainability Report below: