Our Core Focus is Helping Customers to Build Sustainable Businesses and Optimise Protein Production without Negatively Impacting Future Generations, Contributing Positively to Sustainable Development.

Anpario are committed to conducting business in a social, ethical and environmentally responsible manner. We will do this by focusing on Our People, Our Planet, and Our Promise.

Sustainability is the beating heart at Anpario; through engaging with our key stakeholders, our people, product innovation and operational performance we are building on strong foundations, committed to continuous responsible development to help safeguard the planet now and for future generations. Alongside our customers we work responsibly to identify problems faced by protein producers globally, we collaborate with leading industry and research partners; Together we will find effective sustainable solutions.



Protect & empower employees.

Embrace diversity, equality and inclusion of our employees and their communities.

Committed to working with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders for a better tomorrow.



Drive global protein production and support our customers to build strong sustainable businesses, without negatively impacting future generations.

Minimise impact of our global operations on the environment.

Product innovation.

Committed to improving our supply chain’s environmental, social and ethical practices.



Honest, ethical, & responsible.

Positive engagement & partnerships.

Best practice, governance and stewardship.

Help customers/producers of protein build strong, sustainable businesses.



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