Our technologies are developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom and then shipped around the world to provide our customers with high quality proven technologies and innovative research driven solutions.

Anpario’s extensive range of liquid and powder-based technologies are manufactured in our ‘state of the art’ production facility. Application and blending of bespoke active liquid ingredients onto a variety of specially selected carriers ensures free-flowing and homogenous technologies that provide tailored individual solutions for our customers.

Our aim is to guarantee consistent, high quality, efficacious and persistent technologies; the majority of products having long shelf lives of 2 years plus. We at Anpario have developed unique packaging for all our technologies for instance our powder ranges of Orego-Stim and Optomega are packaged in specialist multi-layer barrier foil bags that are heat sealed to prevent loss of active ingredients. This is our guarantee at Anpario to deliver technologies that will be as fresh today and in the future to promote gut health, pathogen control and boost productivity of your animals.