Anpario is committed to conducting business in a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner. We will do this by focusing on Our People, Our Planet, and Our Promise.

Our People are the “Beating Heart” of Anpario

At Anpario we recognise the importance of nurturing and developing lasting relationships with customers and suppliers. Building and continually developing a stable, highly motivated and skilled workforce is key to our approach. Together we drive a culture that recognises the importance of maintaining a fair, inclusive and safe working environment for all of our colleagues. We set high standards to ensure we effectively manage risk and enhance our health, safety, and wellbeing culture.

We believe in contributing and enriching the communities in the which we operate; by employing and offering development opportunities to local people. We encourage active participation by our employees in initiatives that support local communities, through social, educational, and charitable contributions. Our staff are key to advancing processes and initiatives that improve our ways of working and protect the planet. Through our “Green Team” activities we encourage participation and raise awareness across our entire workforce.

Anpario is committed to:

  • Protecting & empowering employees.
  • Embracing diversity, equality and inclusion of our employees and their communities.
  • Working with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders for a better tomorrow.

We Develop Our People

Anpario support a motivated and highly skilled workforce, where talent is nurtured and opportunities created for all. Our belief in solving problems from new perspectives using science, experience and technology continues to drive positive change to our ways of working.

Values of transparency, integrity, teamwork, innovation, and leadership have been established by the passion and commitment of our people. A passion that drives business success and best sustainable practise.

We Value Long Service

Developing and retaining staff is fundamental to our success and the creation of a strong, robust business. Anpario has a wealth of long serving employees across its global operation, these key staff continue to advance and develop within the business and play a key part in nurturing future Anpario talent.

Percentage of Employees with Extended Length of Service


5 years +


10 years +


15 years +

Each year at our company events we recognise and celebrate those people across the business that have served the company for extended periods and hit our length of service milestones.

The Anpario Green Team
Creating a Culture of ‘Thinking Green’

The Anpario ‘Green Team’ is powered by representatives from all departments, working together to initiate more sustainable ways of working throughout the business.

Through ongoing commitment of our team we aim to improve our sustainable practice with the following objectives:

  • Production Efficiency Improvements
  • Reduce Office Wastage
  • Identify New Ways of Working to Reduce Waste from Our Products
We Support Charitable Causes

Community engagement is important to our business and our people, our aim is to enhance the resilience of people, communities and ecosystems in which we operate. We support the protection and improvement of rural livelihoods, equity and social wellbeing.

Anpario supports charities and local communities through donations and volunteering. We believe it is important to give back and serve local people and their communities, contributing to positive and measurable social change.

In 2022 we launched our ‘Give Something Back’ volunteer days, to allow all employees to take a day each year during the working week to volunteer at their chosen charity within their local area.

Charity of the Year

Anpario staff have chosen Save the Children as our 2024 Charity of the Year.  Anpario will support fundraising efforts and charitable events over the course of this year to help raise both funds and awareness for the great work conducted by Save the Children. Save the Children is a global humanitarian organisation dedicated to improving the lives of children in need. Founded in 1919, the organisation operates in over 120 countries, working to ensure that every child has the opportunity to grow up healthy, educated, and safe. Save the Children focuses on providing essential healthcare, education, and protection services to children and their families, particularly in regions affected by poverty, conflict, and natural disasters. The organisation’s programs include initiatives to address issues such as malnutrition, access to quality education, child protection, and emergency response. Save the Children is committed to advocating for children’s rights and creating lasting, positive change in the communities it serves.

In 2023, Anpario raised £1713 for Dementia UK Charity. You can see regular news updates on our charitable support work on our News pages.

Our Charitable Highlights in 2021/22:

Some of the activity we are proud to have delivered:

Anpario Donates a Total of £20,000 to Support Local Hospital Charity Appeals

Anpario Volunteers Get to Work on the Rainbow Gardens at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospital

Anpario Uses Logistics Expertise and Business Contacts to Source and Donate 50,000 Masks to Local Care Homes

Anpario is working together with charity of the year, DKMS, to raise awareness of blood cancer

Charity Cake Sale for the Kids Cancer Charity Run by Christian Lewis Trust

Our Policies

Code of Conduct

Equal Opportunities and Dignity at Work Policy (uploaded 08.12.2021)

Anti-bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy & Code of Conduct (uploaded 19.01.2021)

Modern Slavery Policy (external) (uploaded 08.12.2021)

Dealing with Claims of Unlawful Discrimination Policy (uploaded 08.12.2021)

Welfare Statement (uploaded 28.01.2022)

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