Anpario is committed to conducting business in a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner. We will do this by focusing on Our People, Our Planet, and Our Promise.

We Work with Nature to Champion the Production of Safe and Healthy Food Globally.

Anpario seeks to optimise animal protein production by using sustainable natural resources for the benefit of animals, our customers and human health. Our ongoing commitment is to support, influence, and assist farmers and food chain producers to switch to healthier more sustainable feed ingredients, which will deliver greater global food security and a reduction in feed poverty.

We partner with government, industry and leading research bodies globally. Together we advance product innovation and create long-term sustainable solutions, helping to maintain animal health and optimise nutrition throughout the supply chain. Combatting diseases that can destroy animals, impact welfare and livelihoods, without negatively impacting the environment, is key to our approach.

Anpario is committed to:

  • Driving global protein production and support our customers to build strong sustainable businesses, without negatively impacting future generations.
  • Minimise impact of our global operations on the environment.
  • Consistent product innovation.
  • Improving our supply chain’s environmental, social and ethical practices.

We are innovative

Our innovative products work in harmony with the animals’ biology to promote healthy growth and demonstrate value:

  • to the animals fed directly throughout all life stages,
  • indirectly to their progeny,

and ultimately within the human food chain. This contributes to the more efficient use of feed ingredients, reduces environmental impact and supports responsibly produced food.

King’s Award – Sustainable Development

Anpario has been honoured with the first ever King’s Award for Enterprise, recognised for excellence in Sustainable Development. Anpario is one of 148 organisations to be recognised with a King’s Award for Enterprise, 15 of which received the award for Sustainable Development. The Kings Award for Enterprise is the UK’s most prestigious business accolade, designed to recognise and encourage the achievements of UK businesses.

CEO Richard Edwards commented: “The King’s Award is a great honour for the company and the achievement is testament to the dedication and passion of our staff who take sustainable development very seriously. Using our 3 pillars “Planet, People, Promise” our team delivers leading natural product innovation whilst ensuring operational excellence and supply chain integrity.”

Anpario’s 4R’s Philosophy

Underpinning our Planet objectives is one of our core strategies. Anpario’s 4R’s approach to reducing antibiotic use in animal production; Review, Reduce, Replace, Responsibly supports our customers to reduce reliance on antibiotics, whilst maintaining efficient production using natural sustainable solutions.

We strive to maintain recognition as a lead innovator in speciality feed additives, always delivering value by using cutting edge science and technologies working in harmony with nature.





“Supporting livestock and aquaculture producers to reduce their reliance on antibiotics without impacting the health and efficiency of their production system, is central to our strategy and drives our product innovation. Our natural solutions offer strong sustainable alternatives, that reduce reliance or are capable of replacing conventional outmoded technologies. These speciality feed additives use cutting edge science and technologies and work in harmony with nature, delivering value and driving positive change every day to benefit livestock, people and the planet.”

– Sarah Osborne, Corporate Development Director.

Read our Brochure on the 4R’s Approach to Successful Antibiotic Reduction

Product Impact

We are Focused on Sustainably Sourced Products

We seek to work with suppliers who share our aspiration to deliver high quality, economic products without exploiting or damaging the environment for future generations. A core focus area for growth and development is innovating and creating specific product ranges, sourced from suppliers who can deliver circularity and meet with our own sustainability goals.

The oregano oil used in the production of Orego-Stim is derived from cultivars of Origanum vulgare spp. hirtum that are specific to Anpario. Nestling in the hills of Central Europe, our oregano is grown using organic, pesticide-free principles.

The microalgae used in the production of Optomega Algae is grown using sustainable principles from natural waste of existing sugarcane production processes. The waste sugarcane is also used to produce energy to power the factory.

Helping Producers to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Anpario’s 100% natural oregano essential oil (OEO) product, Orego-Stim, can help to support greener egg production by reducing mortality, improving feed efficiency, naturally optimising hen performance and helping to produce more eggs per hen.

Supporting Memberships & Accreditations

Anpario is proud to partner with organisations that work to inspire and enable cutting edge science and sustainable farming that is prosperous, enriches the environment and engages communities. These partnerships help to assist with our goals and work with our customers to achieve optimum animal performance through sustainable, natural solutions.

The Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock

SEDEX Membership

Sedex membership provides independent verification of our business practices helping industry to create more socially and environmentally sustainable businesses and supply chains.

Agricultural Industries Confederation

Products for Organic Farming

We hold approvals in numerous global territories, required by regional certifying bodies to permit the use of key products in organic production systems.

Operational Impact

We are Focused on Minimising Any Impact of Our Operations on the Planet

We aim to reduce our own carbon emissions, whilst also helping our stakeholders to do the same.

We are dedicated to driving continuous improvement and targeting operational efficiency though our production facility and committed to developing and monitoring carbon reducing measures throughout our operations; benchmarking to reduce waste, and emissions to land, air and water.

Working with our Government and the Environment Agency, our industry trade association, Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC), has set out a road map for a sustainable food chain and an open partnership across the industry to achieve the transition to Net Zero Carbon by 2050. Anpario is aligned and starting to plan how this can be achieved and the resources required.

Anpario’s ambition is to cease to consume finite materials that cannot be renewed or replenished, using only raw materials from common minerals and plants with plentiful natural resources. Fish and marine oils are sourced from farmed fish produced for the human food chain or sourced from suppliers certified for sustainable fishing. 

We aim to partner with suppliers that share the same ethos and a commitment to natural based farming solutions, including circularity in production with no use of external resources except rainwater, green energy and zero use of chemical pesticides.

Measurement of Energy Consumption & Carbon Emissions

Measurement of energy consumption & carbon emissions by businesses is made universal by categorising into 3 areas; Scope 1, 2 & 3.

Scope 1 – This relates to emissions relating to: Stationary consumption i.e. fuel consumption used in our operations (to produce electricity, steam, heat or power) & Mobile consumption by our own vehicles, and emissions to the air.

Scope 2 – These are the emissions we create indirectly – like the electricity or energy use for heating and cooling buildings, being produced on our behalf by energy suppliers.

Scope 3 – Now here’s where it gets more challenging. In this category go all the emissions associated, not with the company itself, but that the organisation is indirectly responsible for, up and down its value chain. For example, from buying products from our suppliers, and from our products when customers use them. This is an area that we are in the process gathering data and setting targets in collaboration with our stakeholders.

Anpario Benchmarking Energy Consumption & Carbon Emissions
20192021change%2022cumulative change
Scope 115.39.8(5.3)(54%)4.5(71%)
Scope 2163.9118.8(46)(39%)72.8(56%)
GHG emissions in tCO2e:179128.6(51.3)(40%)77.3(57%)
Group sales £m29.133.40.3(1%)33.114%
Intensity (t tCO2e: per £m sales)6.23.9(1.5)(39%)2.3(62%)
Energy use in kWh:
Natural Gas51,43340,602(23,285)(57%)17,317(66%)

We Drive Continuous Improvement

Operational practices are kept under continuous review to drive further improvements in efficiency, to eliminate waste, reduce energy consumption and our carbon footprint. Examples include:

  • 88% of our carrier materials are supplied in bulk and directly added from silos to minimise packaging waste
  • liquid ingredients are stored in bunded storage silos
  • pre-used reconditioned and cleaned intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) used for packaging & supply of bulk liquids
  • product and material waste is collected by a waste contractor and environmentally recycled
  • our bottling plant produces liquids in 100% recyclable plastic bottles
  • packaging design is constantly reviewed resulting in improvements such as a recent reduction box size
  • dust extraction system minimises dust in the production area and prevents emission into the environment
  • automated palleting system has reduced forklift movements
  • new plant energy solutions – solar installation

Positive environmental impact assessments are expected on approval of any new operational investments.

Whilst we have always sought to minimise travel and flights to essential multi-purpose trips, COVID-19 lockdowns have taught us valuable lessons in how much more we can do to reduce our carbon footprint by adapting our ways of working through homeworking, e-conferencing, internet based training, a significant reduction in physical visits and movements, and a paperless office becoming our new normal.


Photovoltaic installation completed January 2022

Responsible in Procurement

Anpario seeks to partner with suppliers operating within international regulations, which are capable of meeting our high specification and quality standards alongside assured honesty and integrity.

Through responsible procurement and due diligence we aim to ensure suppliers:

  • Operate rigorous quality standards
  • Comply with all applicable ethical labour, trade laws and regulations
  • Meet the requirements of The Modern Slavery Act 2015

Sedex membership provides independent verification of our business practices helping industry to create more socially and environmentally sustainable businesses and supply chains.

Our Policies

Code of Conduct

Quality Policy

Sustainability Policy

Environmental Policy

Health & Safety Policy – (uploaded 23.12.2021)

Welfare Statement (uploaded 28.01.2022)

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