Anpario is committed to conducting business in a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner. We will do this by focusing on Our People, Our Planet, and Our Promise.

We are Committed to Building on a Strong a Culture of Integrity

Recognised as a Global Feed Additive Leader, our reputation is based on supplying high quality, sustainable solutions to producers of animal protein, supported by independent and impartial advice. Anpario recognises the importance of corporate social responsibility. We are committed to operating ethically and responsibly throughout our business. It is essential that our team offer honest & open advice, matched by the integrity and provenance of our products. Our customers trust and believe in the solutions we offer and the people advising them.

Anpario is committed to:

  • Honest, ethical, & responsible practice.
  • Positive engagement & partnerships.
  • Best practice, governance and stewardship.
  • Helping customers/producers of protein build strong, sustainable businesses.

Our Ambition

To achieve our sustainable objectives we must have clear goals and strategy, aligned to a whole business approach.

  • Net Zero Operations by 2030*
  • 100% Sustainable Products
  • Zero Finite Material
  • Zero Waste

*Scopes 1, 2 + 3 own business travel & waste.

Doing the Right Thing!

Anpario’s positive culture ensures honesty, ethical practice and responsibility is instilled into all activity across the business. “Do the Right Thing” is a fundamental message that creates a sound base to communicate our cultural guidance and code of conduct.

Policies and guidance are provided to all staff on expected behaviours at the point of induction and fortified through training and appraisal procedures. Compliance to the Anpario code of conduct is required from all employees and businesses partners alike.

We have a zero tolerance policy to transgressions whilst also enabling and facilitating whistleblowing if wrongdoing was witnessed at work.

It is not only in operational business practices that we require our people to “Do the right thing”.

This extends to and is inherent in all our product development. Anpario leads and collaborates with partners on product innovation to achieve our Sustainable Development Goals and to benefit the environment. The Anpario Green Team is set up with members across departments and engagement from our global staff, to continually review and identify opportunities to improve.

Quality First Every Time

Anpario assures safety of its products, absolute transparency and traceability of raw materials, and compliance with international regulations through rigorous internal control processes and quality standards. We retain key industry quality accreditations in particular UFAS and FEMAS certifications.

Code of Conduct

Anpario’s Promise

We promise to act with integrity and honesty around the globe. Anpario’s Code of Conduct serves to guide the actions of our employees consistent with our core values.

Our Approach

Our code of conduct represents our commitment to our values, to doing the right thing, personally and professionally, and outlines the expected standards by which Anpario leaders and employees should work.

Our Code of Conduct and supporting policies define the standards expected from all employees in the delivery of their duties, across all job functions, departments, and global locations in which we operate.

Read our Code of Conduct


Anpario’s Promise

To lead by example and consistently promote a culture of integrity by making ethical decisions and acting responsibly and honestly in everything we do. We will strive for excellence in our business objectives, but not to the detriment of our Code of Conduct.

Our Approach

Our leaders understand the importance of our ethics framework to safeguard best practice and excellence in governance and stewardship. The following measures help to ensure compliance:

  • The Board sets overall business strategy and plans which include key ESG initiatives.
  • The Board identifies key risks and opportunities which are regularly reviewed and updated.
  • Anpario’s Board structure is in line with best practice and Corporate Governance Codes, including independent Chair and Senior Independent Director.
  • The Board has clear and transparent division of roles.
  • Business continuity and emergency response plans are in place and regularly reviewed by the Board to ensure effective action and communications.

Shareholder Delivery

Anpario’s Promise

To consistently strive to increase corporate value via best business practices and produce healthy returns and profit growth.

Our Approach

We ensure that shareholders are provided with:

  • Total shareholder return and profits growth;
  • Healthy and consistent affordable dividends;
  • Equal voting rights with a single class of ordinary share;
  • Regular informative communication through meetings and presentations.

Anpario’s Promise

To guarantee compliance with ethical and applicable legal requirements and best practice globally.

Our Approach

  • Anpario adheres to Aim Rules for Companies and complies Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code.
  • Anpario plc appoints external auditors who are tendered on a periodic basis and report to the Audit Committee.
  • Anpario’s Board and its committees are chaired by independent non-executive directors.
  • Regular Board training on Aim Rules and Market Abuse Regulation.

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Our Policies

Code of Conduct

Sustainability Policy

Anti-bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy & Code of Conduct (uploaded 19.01.2021)

Modern Slavery Policy (uploaded 23.12.2021)

Whistleblowing (uploaded 31.01.2022)

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