Hygiene & Insect Control
Credence® is a long-acting, effervescent tablet used for water sanitisation.

Its unique chemistry results in a controlled release of chlorine, with replenishment into a solution as and when needed. Credence is a cost-effective product with a simple, one-step process, as no prior acidification or agitation of water is required.

Credence is a multi-purpose product and can be used for the disinfection of water, water systems, farm buildings and equipment, and can also be used in udder hygiene programmes and for the disinfection of milking parlours and machines.

  • Benefits

    • Biocidal effect on bacteria, moulds, fungi and viruses.
    • Effective in hard and soft water.
    • Maintains activity for up to one week in water tanks.
    • Water is ready for use or consumption within 30 minutes of Credence inclusion.
    • Easy to store and handle with a long shelf life.
    • Approved as a surface disinfectant.

    Claims associated with products may be different based on government requirements. Certain statements may also not be applicable in all regions, for more information please contact your Anpario representative.

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