Anpario is pleased to announce the publication of its inaugural Sustainability Report along with a Video setting out Anpario’s ESG commitments and achievements.

Anpario – Sustainability Report 2022

Chair, Kate Allum commented:

“This autumn we have launched our inaugural Sustainability Report & Video. The purpose of these is to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development across all our business operations.  Our extensive range of natural products are central to this by helping our customers build sustainable businesses focused on optimising protein production without negatively impacting our planet.

Our People create and supply sustainable products to benefit our Planet. We deliver on our Promise of good corporate governance with policies and processes designed to deliver diversity and zero tolerance of slavery, bribery and corruption through the supply chain.

Through strong collaborations and working with like-minded stakeholders who supply our materials and use our products for the benefit of global agriculture we will strive to meet our ambitious sustainability goals, including achieving Net Zero Carbon operations by 2030.“

To find out more visit our sustainability pages here.