Anpario, the independent manufacturer of natural, sustainable animal feed additives for health, nutrition, and biosecurity, is pleased to announce the installation of solar panels at the Company’s head office and production facilities. This will help to reduce our carbon emissions to meet our net-zero emissions target by 2030 and help fight climate change.

The move to install solar panels at the company’s head office and production plant in Nottinghamshire UK will support Anpario’s strategy to reduce the impact of its global operation on the environment, thus enabling us to meet our ambition of net-zero for scope 1 & 2 emissions by 2030.

The £274,000 photovoltaic installation will commence in December 2021, with energy from the sun harnessed to power the plant from early 2022. It is anticipated that the installation will generate one third of the current onsite annual energy consumption, equating to a 43% reduction in carbon emissions.  The balance of the onsite electricity will continue to be purchased from the grid from renewable energy sources, which have already been adopted as part of our overall drive to reduce carbon emissions. In addition, at times when the solar panels generate more electricity than is used on site, the excess will be exported to the national grid and used locally in homes and businesses reducing the overall reliance on fossil fuels.

The initiative follows significant investment in recent years implementing bulk supply, automation, and packaging solutions to reduce energy consumption, the impact of transportation and to minimise waste.

Anpario’s ambition is to reach net-zero within our own operational footprint by 2030, this includes all scope 1 and 2 emissions as well as scope 3 emissions from business travel.  The solar installation will contribute significantly to meeting this target and sustain our continued requirement for operational growth to meet increasing sales demand.

With innovative specialist feed additives such as Orego-stim® and Optomega®, Anpario’s key focus is to optimise animal protein production by using sustainable natural resources, for the benefit of animals, customers, and human health. Our products support animal health and productivity, enabling producers to achieve a reduction in their carbon footprint associated with milk, meat and egg production – Naturally.


Karen Prior, Corporate Responsibility Director at Anpario commented “We recognise that swift and decisive action is now needed to reduce emissions and address the climate crisis globally. Anpario is focused and committed to reviewing and continuing to invest in our own operations to help meet this global challenge.

Our production facility has established benchmark levels to measure our own carbon emissions and is dedicated to drive continuous improvements to increase efficiency, thus reducing our impact on the environment. This is also crucial to our customers around the world in managing their supply chain emissions and reducing their carbon footprint”.


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