• Orego-Stim at 300g/MT can improve FCR by 2 points in birds under necrotic enteritis (NE) challenge.
  • Birds fed Orego-Stim at 600g/MT had equivalent performance to birds fed BMD 25g/MT during an NE challenge and a 5 point improvement in FCR and 39g increase in body weight compared to challenged Control.


  • Necrotic enteritis (NE) in poultry can adversely impact flock performance with costs estimated up to US$0.05/bird. A study was conducted at Colorado Quality Research, USA to evaluate the efficacy of Orego-Stim on the performance of broilers challenged with C. perfringens.



A total of 300 Cobb birds were randomly allocated to 5 treatment groups (6 replications, 10 birds/replication): 1) negative control (NC), 2) positive control (PC), 3) Orego-Stim 300g/MT (OS300), 4) Orego-Stim 600g/MT (OS600) and 5) BMD 25g/MT. Birds were reared in starter cages from 0 – 11 days and transferred to grower cages on day 11 until day 29 (end of trial). NC and PC were fed a basal ration of 22% protein broiler starter diet. Birds in OS300, OS600 and BMD were fed 85% basal ration + 15% fishmeal during days 0-11. All birds (except NC) were orally challenged with Eimeria (1ml, 1×105 oocysts/ml) on day 15 and C. perfringens on day 18 for 3 days. Performance was recorded on days 0, 11 and 29. On day 29 birds were scored for NE lesions (0 = normal, 1 = mild enteritis, 2 = moderate, 3 = severe).


Prior to challenge with NE, OS300, OS600 and BMD had the highest increase in body weight and lowest FCR. On day 29 after NE challenge, PC had the poorest performance and highest NE lesion score confirming the challenge model was successful. OS600 and BMD had the best and comparable performance. OS300 was superior to PC in terms of performance and lesion score.

  • In birds challenged with NE, feeding Orego-Stim at 300g/MT improved performance and lowered NE lesion score compared to Positive Controls.
  • Birds fed Orego-Stim 600g/MT had equivalent performance to BMD 25g/MT.