Optomega Algae

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Optomega Algae
Optomega® Algae is formulated on a unique carrier system to provide a consistently high level of 100% natural DHA in the form of a free-flowing, easy to use product.

Designed for use in all animals, Optomega Algae has been developed for breeding animals and producers supplying meat, milk and eggs containing higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

Other products available in our Optomega range include;

These have been developed to enable flexibility in application and allow all enterprises to experience the benefits of Anpario’s natural, sustainable EPA/DHA feed additives.

  • Benefits

    • Enhances omega 3 levels in meat, milk and eggs for human consumption.
    • Delivers DHA from sustainable algae source.
    • Supports the animal’s natural defences.
    • Promotes fertility in all classes of livestock.
    • Improved energy balance helps support lactation performance and growth rates.

    Claims associated with products may be different based on government requirements. Certain statements may also not be applicable in all regions, for more information please contact your Anpario representative.

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