Mastercube Advance

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Mastercube Advance
Mastercube™ Advance is a low inclusion pellet binder which has been designed for use in aquaculture feed mill environments and is suitable for both pelleting and extrusion.

Mastercube Advance is composed from a unique blend of polysaccharides and natural mineral hardener and has been developed to improve milling efficiency whilst maximising the pellet quality of aquaculture feed. Polysaccharide gums act by adhering to feed particles within the feed formulation thereby improving pellet durability and quality.

View other products available in our Mastercube Range hereThese have been developed to enable flexibility in application and allow all enterprises to experience the benefits of Anpario’s natural feed additives.

  • Benefits

    • Trials show stable high-quality pellets when in water, which is ideal for grazing aquaculture species.
    • Improves pellet quality and therefore feed intakes and performance.
    • Reduces cost of feed manufacture as a result of lower friction and reduced energy requirements at the pellet press.
    • Improves pellet durability and reduces fines which in turn reduces bacterial growth within the feed mill.
    • Designed to be low inclusion, aiding formulation processes by releasing nutritional space.
    • Free from urea formaldehyde.
    • Non-dusty and free-flowing.

    Claims associated with products may be different based on government requirements. Certain statements may also not be applicable in all regions, for more information please contact your Anpario representative.

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