In another stride towards enhanced efficiency, Anpario proudly unveils its latest factory innovation – the introduction of a state-of-the-art fully automated palletiser, representing £200,000 investment in production. This new addition is set to further transform the production landscape, offering a wealth of benefits that will not only develop production capabilities, but also benefit the overall well-being of the workforce.

Anpario’s Operations Director, Shane Bailey, commented ‘Our new fully automated palletiser is the latest upgrade from a long list of capital investments that have gone into our advanced production facility over recent years. Automation has been a crucial part of our strategy and fundamental to responding to growing customer demands and the continual drive towards sustainable and efficient operations. This latest investment has not only increased our production capacity by up to 40%, but it has also halved the level of manual handling in the factory, significantly improving working conditions, whilst providing opportunities to upskill the workforce responsible for running it’.

Anpario recognises the importance of creating a supportive and safe working environment, the automated palletiser is designed not only to enhance efficiency but also to prioritise the well-being of factory workers. The palletiser’s remarkable capabilities are set to make a lasting impact on Anpario’s production process with the potential to reduce manual handling by up to 50%, it will optimise operations and significantly minimise the risk of workplace injuries associated with manual handling. This advancement, which is a testament to Anpario’s commitment to safety, innovation, and efficiency, aligns perfectly with modern standards of sustainable production.

In conclusion, the introduction of the palletiser marks another key milestone for Anpario and its production facility at Manton Wood. This innovation embodies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in production, while simultaneously prioritising the advancement of our workforce and the well-being of our employees.