Announced Friday 21st April, Anpario plc has been honoured with the first ever King’s Award for Enterprise, recognised for excellence in Sustainable Development. Anpario is one of 148 organisations nationally to be recognised with a King’s Award for Enterprise, 15 of which received the award for Sustainable Development. The Kings Award for Enterprise is the UK’s most prestigious business accolade, designed to recognise and encourage the achievements of UK businesses.

CEO Richard Edwards commented: “The King’s Award is a great honour for the company and the achievement is testament to the dedication and passion of our staff who take sustainable development very seriously. Using our 3 pillars “Planet, People, Promise” our team delivers leading natural product innovation whilst ensuring operational excellence and supply chain integrity. We look forward to building on our reputation for sustainability, affording customers the reassurance that products from Anpario meet the highest of standards.”

Anpario has over 120 employees based at its UK manufacturing HQ and around the world, with international offices located throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific regions. Anpario exports its feed additive solutions to more than 70 countries and continues to expand its overseas activities working directly with farmers and food chain producers to deliver greater food security globally.