Independent international manufacturer and distributor of natural animal feed additives Anpario plc, and Saife Vetmed India Pvt. Ltd. signed new manufacture partnership agreement at the prestigious Poultry India show held in Hyderabad 21st – 24th Nov 2023.

In the last 10 years economic development in India has seen a regular year on year growth of 6% of GDP, consequently the market is attracting significant interest from international producers of feed ingredients. India is the second largest producer of eggs in the world behind China, the eighth largest producer of chicken meat, the largest producer of milk contributing 24% of all the milk produced in the world and is the second largest producer of shrimp behind Ecuador.

Saife Vetmed based in New Delhi, have successfully represented Anpario’s flagship product Orego-Stim in India since 2008. Orego-Stim, developed and manufactured by Anpario, is the leading phytogenic feed additive formulated from a unique source of 100% natural oregano essential oil, and is proven to support profitable, health and performance in all species. Changes to production practices and a greater focus on sustainable solutions to drive healthy profitable growth, combined with improved access to the market over the last 2 years have almost tripled Orego-Stim sales and the partnership is ready to move to the next level.

Andrew Jackson, Commercial Director at Anpario commented, “We believe it is the right moment to increase our focus on India and capitalise on the opportunity such a significant market represents to Anpario.”

“India is a significant opportunity, but it is also a considerable challenge, to be successful in such a goliath of a market we need a stable and knowledgeable partner. In Saife Vetmed we believe we have found that partner.”, Andrew continued.

To help expand the sales opportunity more quickly the two parties have agreed upon and signed a first and unique production under licence agreement. The agreement was signed on the 24th of November at the Poultry India show on Saife Vetmed’s stand in Hyderabad. “The objective of such an agreement is to allow the partnership to offer Orego-Stim in a more affordable package to customers in India and so speed up our sales growth in the country.”, explained Andrew.

Major (ex) Bhupendra Singh, Saife Vetmed’s Production Manager, visited Anpario’s production facility in the UK earlier in the year to understand the exacting standards required to produce Orego-Stim and meet the renowned high-quality specification. The Saife Vetmed production facility based in Dehradun in the foothills of the Himalia’s holds GMP+ accreditation.

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Picture above. The contracts were signed by Andrew Jackson Anpario plc Commercial Director and Dr Ali Asgar (founder of Saife Vetmed India) in the presence of his senior team.

Major (ex) Bhupendra visits Anpario plc, UK production facility.