Anpario plc have donated £25,000 to the British Red Cross – Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal.

DEC is a collective of 15 UK charities, united to raise funds for an effective and coordinated response during times of monumental suffering. The Ukraine DEC appeal will help to provide clean water, emergency shelter, food, health assistance, sanitation and hygiene and protection to the people of the Ukraine.

Richard Edwards, CEO of Anpario said, “We fully support the sanctions that have been put in place and although our products can be described as for humanitarian purposes, we have ceased all trading with Russia and Belarus. We hope the implementation of tough sanctions will bring the military action to a peaceful conclusion as soon as possible.”

Anpario has a diverse staff team, who are also supporting the humanitarian crisis through official charities and are passionate in offering support to the Ukrainian people.

Find out more about the British Red Cross and the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal or donate here: