• In-feed antibiotics are routinely fed to grower and finisher pigs to support performance during rapid growth periods.
  • Overall liveweight gain attained by pigs fed diets containing pHorce were the same as those receiving 40 ppm tylosin.
  • pHorce significantly improved overall average daily gain, representing an effective replacement to tylosin.


  • Deaths attributed to common infections resistant to antimicrobials will be the biggest killer in both humans and animals worldwide by 2050 (The Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, 2016).
  • As part of Anpario’s commitment to help producers Review, Reduce, Replace antibiotics Responsibly, the use of pHorce in pig diets without antibiotics was studied.
  • pHorce is classified as a bacterial decontaminating agent (including, but not limited to Salmonella) to improve feed hygiene (Feed Additive Register 2017/940).



A study was conducted at the University of Illinois, where large white x landrace pigs, approximately 10 weeks of age (initial BW: 36.8 ± 4.00 kg), were randomly assigned to one of 2 dietary treatments with 9 replicates of 4 pigs per pen. Treatments were either a control diet (basal grower and finisher diets with 40 ppm tylosin included in each) or a diet containing pHorce (basal grower and finisher diets with no antibiotic and 1 kg/t pHorce included). Grower diets were fed from days 0 to 29, followed by finisher 1 diet from days 29 to 57 and finisher 2 diet from days 57 to 85, providing a total of 14 weeks on trial to a slaughter age of 24 weeks. Measurements were recorded at diet change and growth performance results are shown below.

  • pHorce significantly improved average daily gain (ADG) for 10 – 22 weeks of age, compared to the control, and overall gave a significantly higher ADG.
  • Feed conversion ratio was 1 point better for pHorce fed pigs overall.
  • pHorce is able to provide the same antibacterial support in grower and finisher pigs to those fed tylosin, whilst resulting in the same liveweight in the same number of days.
  • By helping to balance the gut microbiota, pHorce improved swine performance and could provide a natural alternative to antibiotics.