• As part of Anpario’s commitment to help producers Review, Reduce, Replace antibiotics Responsibly, the use of Genex Poultry in broiler diets without antibiotic growth promoters was studied.
  • In feed antibiotic growth promoters are routinely offered to broilers to support performance during rapid growth periods.
  • Genex Poultry improved broiler growth performance and meat quality and therefore represents an effective replacement to antibiotic growth promoters.
  • Deaths attributed to common infections resistant to antimicrobials will be the biggest killer in both humans and animals worldwide by 2050 (The Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, 2016).
  • Genex Poultry is a combination of propionic and formic acid, which is classified as a bacterial decontaminating agent (including, but not limited to Salmonella) to improve feed hygiene (Feed additive Register 2017/940).
  • Avoparcin is used in the global poultry industry as a growth promoter, however this antibiotic was banned in the EU in 1997 (Directive 97/6/EC).



An independent research trial was carried out with the Volcani Research Centre in Israel to compare Genex Poultry to basal control diet and the control diet including an antibiotic growth promoter (AGP), Avoparcin. The birds were reared from day old for 48 days and growth parameters and carcass characteristics were compared.


Fig. 1.  Final body weight and feed conversion ratio Fig. 2 Comparison of carcass breast yield Fig. 3. Comparison of carcass abdominal fat %

Different letters denote significant differences (P<0.05)

  • Genex Poultry significantly improved final body weight and FCR compared with the control treatment.
  • Performance was numerically improved when Genex Poultry replaced the AGP for both final body weight and FCR.
  • Killing out percentage was highest in the Genex Poultry and control groups (data not shown), while breast muscle yield was significantly higher for Genex Poultry over control and AGP treatments (Fig 2).
  • These results suggest Genex Poultry is capable of reducing the use of antibiotic growth promoters in commercial poultry production systems.