Ensuring optimal sow gut health is fundamental in achieving genetic potential in both the sow and her progeny. Driving piglet health through maternal nutrition can be a cost effective way to maintain lifetime performance, boost unit success and profitability.

Optimal Lactation Performance:
  • Increases litter weights at weaning
  • Increases the number of piglets weaned
  • Leads to higher populations of beneficial bacteria in the sow, which can be transferred to her piglets
  • Helps to support sow body condition during lactation


Supporting Lifetime Piglet Performance:
  • Promotes early piglet weight gain
  • Supports lifetime body weight gain in progeny
  • Drives finish weights and number of finishing pigs


Less Interventions Required for Healthy Piglets:
  • Leads to fewer piglet removals
  • Reduces piglet mortality
  • Lowers incidence of health challenges, supporting overall piglet health status
  • Reduced requirement for medication, helping to lower overall medication and antibiotic usage



The Main Benefits of Orego-Stim TD
  • Easy on-farm application by daily top dressing to sow diets
  • Designed for individual sow management
  • Contains 100% natural oregano essential oil on a functional dextrose carrier
  • Maintains a healthy appetite and supports optimum feed efficiency
  • Supports sow gut health and helps promote nutrient absorption
  • Shown to maintain sow body condition, especially useful in parity 1 and 2
  • Maintains optimal sow lactation performance
  • Helps support early piglet weight gain when provided to the sow


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