• Tilapia offered Prefect in their feed had better growth and lower mortality than control fish.
  • Prefect is formulated from a combination of free liquid acids and their salts, including butyric, formic and propionic acids, blended onto a unique carrier system. Prefect also contains fructo-oligosaccharides which acts as a pre-biotic for the gut microbiome.
  • Prefect helps to maintain a healthy gut microbiome for optimal tilapia performance.



A commercial study was conducted at a Tilapia farm in Mexico to determine the effect of Prefect supplementation on tilapia health and performance over a 30-day period. Tilapia were fed either a standard diet (Control) for 30 days or a diet supplemented with Prefect at 5 kg/tonne of feed (Prefect) for a 14-day period, followed by the standard diet. Initial stocking density per treatment group was approximately 45,000 fish and the study began the day after initial stocking took place. Fish were fed in the same way regardless of the diet they received and water quality was measured throughout the study. After 30 days, feed intake, growth rate and mortality were measured. Feed conversion ratio (FCR) was then calculated.


The supplementation of Prefect to tilapia diets resulted in:

  • 2.1% reduction in cumulative mortality throughout the study (Figure 1).
  • 15% improvement in final pond biomass weight (Figure 2).
  • 10% greater biomass increase from initial biomass.
  • FCR of similar value to that achieved in tilapia fed the control diet.


The study demonstrates that when supplemented to tilapia diets at 5 kg/tonne of feed, Prefect can support optimal tilapia growth performance and maintain health, reducing mortality.

Disclaimer: No performance guarantee is offered. All observations noted in this document were provided by the customer.

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