Anpario Showcase Both the Success of their Products and Employees at the 2019 BSAS Annual Conference in Edinburgh.

This year sees the British Society of Animal Science celebrating 75 years of progress in animal science and at the annual conference, “Fit For the Future”, Anpario were excited to not only be directly involved with three papers presented at the conference, but were also proud to have employees undertaking additional presentations of their own.

Anpario’s leading phytogenic eubiotic, Orego-Stim, played a key role in the results Anpario presented at the conference. Orego-Stim is a 100% natural oregano essential oil, formulated on a unique carrier system. It has a complex mode of action, with a primary function of managing intestinal health to support optimum gut integrity and performance. This product featured in the three research trials presented by esteemed researchers, Dr Robert Wilkinson, Dr Partha Ray and Dr Melanie Le Bon, these papers were co-authored by Anpario’s Global Technical Managers, David Wilde and Heidi Hall.

Ewe research undertaken at Harper Adams University, with Dr Robert Wilkinson, reviewed the benefits Orego-Stim offers to ewe forage intake and maintenance of maternal reserves throughout lactation. This work, presented on Tuesday of the three day conference is part of a larger review of Orego-Stim mode of action in small ruminants.

On Tuesday afternoon Dr Melanie Le Bon showcased the use of Orego-Stim in sows during lactation and the effects this has on progeny performance. This work was run on a commercial unit (Porters Animal Feeds) and the trial was managed by Nottingham Trent University. It investigated growth and health performance of piglets as well as changes to the microbiome of the sows and piglets fed Orego-Stim.


Livestock Performance

Dr Melanie Le Bon from Nottingham Trent University presents Orego-Stim paper titled “The impact of an Oregano based Eubiotic on the health and performance of sows and their progeny”.


The final paper in which data from Orego-Stim was presented in a dedicated session on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by Dr Partha Ray, from the University of Reading.  This research depicted the benefits that supplementation of Orego-Stim can provide in reducing transfer of AMR from waste milk to dairy calves, a known issue on dairy farms throughout the world.

The first day of the conference also saw Anpario’s Technical Writer and Communications Manager, Lucy Brimble, present the research of her master’s dissertation, which was conducted in conjunction with the University of Nottingham and the University of Sydney, on poultry nutrition.  In addition to this, Dr Jim Huntington from Harper Adams University presented a paper titled “Effect of Maize Silage Clamp Density on Aerobic Stability and Forage Quality”, for which David Wilde was also a co-author.

Orego-Stim is a high quality phytogenic eubiotic with proven efficacy and this work communicates some of our most recent trials reviewing mode of action of the product in different species.

The BSAS conference provided numerous educational and progressive discussions surrounding the future of animal science, considering a wide range of sectors and species, ensuring the industry is ‘fit for the future’.



About Anpario:

Anpario plc is a world-leader in producing Specialist Feed Technologies which are both innovative and tailored to meet the ever increasing population requirements for healthy food. Anpario’s technologies are sold in over 80 countries through established sales and distribution networks, which includes a number of wholly owned subsidiaries in key markets around the world.

Our main focus is understanding animals’ intestinal health and nutrition, so we can help our customers achieve optimum animal performance, with good return on investment, boosting profitability in today’s modern livestock production systems.

Our technologies are developed, produced, and dispatched directly from our pioneering quality assured manufacturing plant in the UK.  We have over 30 years of expertise in the agricultural sector and we work with key research institutes and universities across the world to evaluate our innovative, cutting-edge technologies.  The Anpario portfolio is divided into four categories Health and Performance, Toxin Management, Feed Quality, Hygiene and Insect Control.  Anpario’s technologies come in specially designed packaging to guarantee consistency of the product and an excellent shelf life.

Anpario’s cutting-edge technologies work in harmony with the natural aspects of both the animals’ biology and environment to optimise health, growth and profitability.