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Salkil Liquid
Salkil® Liquid is one of Anpario’s leading Acid Based Eubiotics (ABE) comprised of formic and propionic acids blended onto a liquid carrier.

Salkil Liquid helps maintain the balance of the avian gut microbiota during the early stages of development and aids in the maintenance of an optimum eubiotic gut environment. Salkil Liquid can support birds in achieving their genetic potential in modern production systems.

View other products available in our Salkil Range here. These have been developed to enable flexibility in application and allow all enterprises to experience the benefits of Anpario’s natural feed additives.

  • Benefits

    • Defends the integrity of the birds’ gastro-intestinal tract and promotes the proliferation of beneficial bacteria.
    • Supports optimum gut function, assisting natural digestive processes and endogenous enzyme activity, leading to improved feed efficiency and enhanced mineral balance.
    • Includes Formic acid (1K236) which aids in the control of Campylobacter, Salmonella, E. coli and other gram-negative micro-organisms in raw materials and finished feed.
    • In addition to use in feed and feed mills, Salkil Liquid can also be used in water hygiene programmes.
    • Helps maintain a healthy bird enabling it to achieve its genetic potential.

    Claims associated with products may be different based on government requirements. Certain statements may also not be applicable in all regions, for more information please contact your Anpario representative.

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