Antimicrobial resistance is one of the greatest threats globally to human health and has been predicted to be responsible for 10 million deaths a year by 2050 if not acted upon.

Fourth-generation cephalosporin antibiotics are commonly used in human and animal medicine and are classified as ‘highest priority critically important’, therefore safeguarding their use is an absolute necessity.

Orego-Stim is a 100% natural source of oregano essential oil, which has a proven broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect as a result of its unique composition and the presence of compounds such as carvacrol, p-cymene and thymol.

The levels of E. coli bacteria that are resistant to a fourth-generation cephalosporin antibiotic can be significantly reduced by adding Orego-Stim to calf diets, according to research undertaken at the University of Reading in the UK.

University researchers, Dr Partha Ray and Dr Caroline Rymer, undertook a trial to determine the effect of supplementing Anpario’s Orego-Stim Liquid in waste milk fed to dairy calves, on the population of antimicrobial resistant bacteria in their faeces.

The results of the study were very promising, offering a potential solution in helping to reduce the presence of antimicrobial resistant bacteria. In the faeces of calves fed waste milk with no Orego-Stim, 44.1% of E. coli present were resistant to the cephalosporin antibiotic cefquinome. However, in calves fed waste milk supplemented with Orego-Stim Liquid until day ten, this was significantly reduced to only 12.6% of total E. coli being resistant to cefquinome.

This research is of huge interest to the industry, having been reported, with additional quotes from Dr Ray and Dr Rymer, in a substantial number of publications across the globe. This includes Hoards Dairyman, All About Feed, Feedstuffs and Farming Monthly amongst others. For more information on the trial itself, please visit our Science & Tech Hub for the full trial summary. If you are interested in our 100% natural Orego-Stim product range, or have any questions, please contact Anpario at or call +44 (0) 1909 537380.