Producers in the US Adopt pHorce, Anpario’s Triple Action Feed Additive

With a 280% uplift in sales volume and a 3-fold increase in our customer base in the US over the course of 2021, pHorce is quickly becoming the feed additive of choice for many swine producers. The triple action, acid based eubiotic provides effective and proven antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.

pHorce has been so effective as a viral feed mitigant that, to date, US producers using pHorce have had no PRRS, PEDv or SVA outbreaks this year. Most notably, this is true for producers in the Upper Midwest where pressure from a number of new PRRS variants have been challenging production units. Those supplementing sow diets with pHorce remain open, healthy and profitable.

Proven as an effective anti-viral feed mitigant following the recent trial conducted by Pipestone Applied Research Facility, combined with the demand from many swine producers in the US for formaldehyde-free additives, sales of pHorce have gone from strength to strength in the swine sector.

Anti Viral Feed Mitigant