Anpario has developed and launched Orego-Stim TD, a new product with multiple benefits which has been specifically designed for easy addition on farm and to allow for individual sow management.

Orego-Stim TD is a top dress feed additive, developed to manage intestinal health in gestating and lactating sows by supporting optimum gut integrity. Orego-Stim TD supports the 3 L’s approach for boosting unit success, having a beneficial impact on; Lactation Performance, Lifetime Piglet Performance and Less Interventions.

This new product joins the other innovative technologies in the Orego-Stim Product Range. It is formulated from a combination of Anpario’s 100% natural oregano essential oil (OEO) source and dextrose. This unique formula not only provides sows with the multiple benefits associated with natural OEO, but also the well-documented advantages of using dextrose as a functional carrier. Dextrose is the active form of glucose and provides an essential energy source for the modern day prolific sow.

Available to purchase in 15kg pack sizes through your Anpario representative and direct online from Anpario Direct with no minimum order quantity, Anpario are encouraging sow farmers to ‘Try a Bag’ and see the benefits themselves.

To find out more about this exciting new product click here or visit Anpario Direct to buy online.