Anpro Advance, the premium adsorbent from the highly effective Anpro Range supplied by feed additive manufacturer Anpario, is now registered and available in Brazil.

Anpro Advance is a broad spectrum, low inclusion control system for feed quality management. Anpro Advance helps mitigate the potentially harmful effects associated with the presence of secondary fungal metabolites found in livestock feed and raw materials, helping to maintain livestock immune function and support gastrointestinal health.

Research into the adsorptive abilities of Anpro Advance has shown it is capable of binding and retaining a high quantity of secondary fungal metabolites, including DON and ZEA, over a wide pH range. These two mycotoxins are notoriously difficult to bind and are often associated with abortions and issues with fertility, making Anpro Advance first choice to protect diets and feed of breeding animals.

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