Financial website of the year features article to highlight Anpario’s growing success. The article discusses the global trend of antibiotic reduction and how Anpario are leading the way in natural feed additive production.

“Antibiotics are being phased out of the food chain worldwide, farmers are looking for natural alternatives and Anpario provides some of the most innovative products on the market.”

Anpario’s innovative product portfolio contains a broad range of speciality feed additive products which can help livestock producers implement the 4 R’s approach to antibiotic usage.

Anpario’s natural products have been developed with both the customer and animal in mind, to support health and productivity of animals and ensure producers maximise their returns. Anpario’s products work in tune with nature’s inherent processes to support production of safe and economic food for a growing population.

Find out more about Anpario’s 4R approach to successful antibiotic reduction, read our 4R’s brochure here.

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