Lady Oregon was raised using Orego-Stim® in her water every day. Established race winning trainer, Alan Brown, attributes her overall good health and flying condition before and after the race to Orego-Stim. Gut health is key to a healthy bird as this optimizes immune levels and allows for efficient function while battling the challenges faced by racing pigeons.

The Big Day

The Sydney Gold Ring race is dubbed ‘Sydney’s Richest Race’ in the Pigeon arena attracting 550 birds in 2020 for another top-class race.

An endurance race consisting of 565 km from the town of Byrock, NSW due east back to Sydney. The conditions were not ideal with the temperature rising to 31 degrees and a gusting 20-30 km/hour head wind. However, primed with a good healthy diet and raised on Orego-Stim our bird landed in the number 1 spot around an hour before the 2nd place bird.

Lady Oregon flew well with her average speed at 84km/hour. She was looking good after the race too, not dehydrated, and did not appear to be fatigued. Extraordinary given the feat of endurance she had just completed.

(Alan Brown, trainer of Lady Oregon, with Kylie of Anpario Australia)

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