Anpario’s “Naturally More Profitable” campaign has been launched to convey the company’s commitment to using natural, high quality ingredients in their flagship Eubiotic product, Orego-Stim. Orego-Stim is an oregano essential oil based product that works in the gastrointestinal tract to support animal health, leading to more productive and hence more profitable livestock.

The “Naturally More Profitable” campaign involves a series of print and online adverts, which will be seen across all continents of the world. The campaign will also be carried across exhibition stands and conferences. The focus is a strong visual of an oregano leaf with an animal gut worked into the veins.

The campaign has been launched to raise the profile of Anpario’s quality product. Orego-Stim was one of the first phytogenic products of its kind. Produced from Anpario’s own organically grown oregano cultivar, the essential oil is extracted by steam distillation and subjected to numerous rigorous quality checks. Anpario is proud of its British manufacturing and Orego-Stim is preserved in unique foil packaging to ensure consistent high quality, in every batch. Orego-Stim has been demonstrated around the world to improve an animal’s overall health and production, by promoting optimum gut health in food producing animals.

Anpario have collaborated with a new design agency, celebrating Anpario’s commitment to animal health and supporting farmers.

The campaign has a feel of authenticity, as Helen Houghton (Corporate Development Director) explains; “We wanted something that would demonstrate Anpario’s commitment to farmers. The image used here is a photo of an oregano leaf, with the design agency working a gut into the vein, demonstrating the natural oregano oil working within an animal. Anpario are committed to producing quality natural products, improving the health of animals naturally. ”

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