Anpario Direct Stocks Envirex

Suitable for Pigs, Dairy Cows, Poultry and Horses

Envirex, the highly absorbent, disinfectant powder is now available to producers based in the UK via our online e-commerce platform, Anpario Direct. The product is specifically designed to maintain a dry and hygienic environment for all types of livestock, supporting your biosecurity programmes.

As well as having a very high absorptive capacity, with the ability to absorb more than 130% of its own weight, Envirex also contains the proven disinfectant Virex (from Kersia), which is effective against a wide range of major viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens.

“Reducing moisture in animal housing is fundamental in maintaining a hygienic environment and supporting animal health” said Sarah Osborne, Corporate Development Director. “Envirex’s dual action nature; being highly absorbent in combination with its properties as a disinfectant, helps to minimise microbial burden in critical areas within the farm environment, such as livestock housing, which might otherwise impact animal health and performance.”

Envirex, developed by Kersia, is a versatile product which can be applied to flooring, walkways, bedding and litter. The product is easily dispersed and does not paste up or form clumps when dry. For more information, or to order Envirex directly to your door, shop now at