The SFT Ruminant Virtual and Live Q&A Conference

3.30pm – 5:00pm on Wednesday 11th November 2020.


The SOCIETY OF FEED TECHNOLOGISTS (SFT), which was formed in 1967, provides a forum open to those interested in the production and welfare of farmed livestock, to meet and discuss common issues and developments in a non-competitive environment.

The event is to feature an excellent programme of national and international speakers on dairy and calf nutrition, and sustainability in ruminant production today including:

Dr Partha Ray. Reading University.  –  Anti-Microbial Resistance and Health in Calves Consuming Waste Milk. 

Should we stop feeding waste milk to calves? Supplementation of waste milk with essential oil could provide the answer and give an opportunity to reduce animal health risk and minimise the threat of antimicrobial resistance to animals and humans.

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