• Orego-Stim did not interfere with the development of immunity to Eimeria following anticoccidial vaccination as shown by lesion scoring following coccidial challenge.
  • Orego-Stim administered in water lessened the intestinal damage from coccidia leading to increased weight gain and lower lesion scores during challenge compared to Robenidine treatment.
  • Eimeria as ubiquitous in the environment and there is no cross protection between Eimeria.
  • Traditionally coccidiosis control has been via the use of chemicals, ionophores and vaccines.
  • The global cost of coccidiosis, including drug related treatment, is estimated to be $2-3 billion annually (Zhang et al., 2013).
  • Orego-Stim is a high quality, plant based eubiotic, containing 100% natural oregano essential oil.



A study was conducted at Southern Poultry Research Inc, Georgia, USA. Birds (Cobb 500) were reared from 0­‑42 days in floorpens on reused litter (see Table 1 for details). On Day 0, all birds were spray-vaccinated in the hatchery with a commercial coccidiosis vaccine (Coccivac-B, Merck Animal Health USA). On Day 21, 5 birds/pen were transferred to cages, challenged with Eimeria1 and 6 days later euthanized for lesion scoring. A Positive Control of cage-reared, naive, coccidia free birds were included to confirm an Eimeria challenge. Weight gain over the challenge period was determined.

Table 1. Treatment details

Treatment Floorpen phase Challenge phase
No. birds/pen No pens No. birds/cage No. cages
Positive control [POS]2 5 8
Robenidine (Robenz, 33 ppm) [ROB] 55 8 5 8
Orego-Stim (75ml/1000l) [OSL75] 55 8 5 8
Orego-Stim (150ml/1000l) [OSL150] 55 8 5 8
Orego-Stim (300ml/1000l) [OSL300] 55 8 5 8

1 Per dose, approximately 100,000, 75,000, 50,000 oocysts of E. acervulina , E. maxima and E. teniella respectively; 2 Challenge phase only.


  • ROB and OSL groups reduced gut lesions compared to POS. All OSL groups had lower lesion scores than ROB, with OSL 150 treatment having the lowest.
  • Weight gain was significantly higher in all OSL groups over the challenge period compared to POS.
  • Coccidial oocysts circulated in the litter at higher levels with OSL compared to ROB, allowing birds to build natural immunity to Eimeria.
  • Orego-Stim Liquid administered in water supports bird performance during periods of intestinal stress, such as anticoccidial vaccination or coccidial challenge.