Orego-Stim for Free Range Hens

Developed to manage intestinal health, supporting optimum gut integrity and performance, Orego-Stim is a consistent high quality source of 100% natural Oregano Essential Oil.

Free Range Challenges.

Anpario Solutions.

Free range production systems are associated with a number of challenges, including a higher hen mortality rate, more gut health challenges, lower productivity and floor eggs.

Improving the gut health of your layers can have a significant impact on their overall health, performance, and egg production. This is because the gastrointestinal tract in a hen plays a key role in nutrient absorption and 70% of immune cells reside in the gut.

Producers who understand and prioritise gut health will usually benefit from a high performing flock, with optimal feed efficiency and production. This can have a beneficial impact on producer profits, particularly for free range producers where the environmental challenges to the flock can have a significant impact on overall gut health.

Orego-Stim is a 100% natural oregano essential oil additive formulated to be low inclusion and free-flowing for inclusion in finished feed and water to give an effective homogeneous mix.

  • Available as both a liquid and powder.
  • Flexibility and ease in application through feed or drinking water.
  • Enables an immediate, positive impact to be made on both the gut health and performance of the free range flock.
Quality Guaranteed

From Process to Product

The natural Oregano Essential Oil (OEO) in Orego-Stim is extracted from Anpario’s exclusive oregano strain, cultivated organically in central Europe. From point of harvest through the unique extraction method and onward production processes, we protect the active properties in the natural oil to ensure a high-quality product every time.

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Orego-Stim High Quality from Process to Product

Orego-Stim is unique as only the natural whole oil is used.

Orego-stim contains naturally occurring compounds which work in synergy to offer several well-documented properties and functions of OEO. This includes antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antioxidant functions.

Consistency in every batch

Oregano Essential Oil used to produce Orego-Stim consists of 100+ naturally occurring active compounds, frequent monitoring ensures consistent quality batch after batch, which is vital to ensure product performance.

Key Trials

Commercial Study

A recent commercial study conducted with a European producer (2022) has shown that free range hens offered drinking water supplemented with Orego-Stim Liquid demonstrated significant improvements in performance.

This study demonstrates that Orego-Stim is a cost-effective, natural solution for improving hen performance, reducing the number of second eggs and increasing egg production without compromising feed efficiency and whilst maintaining persistence of lay.

  • 22 more eggs/hen by 76 weeks of age.
  • More large and medium eggs and 44% less small eggs.
  • Reduced number of liquid, dirty and cracked eggs resulting in fewer losses at the packing station.
  • Cumulative mortality rates were 17% lower at 76 weeks of age in hens offered Orego-Stim.
  • Improved feed efficiency: 12% less feed required per egg produced compared to hens in the control group.
  • This free range producer benefited from an ROI of 14.4:1.

North Carolina State University Study

Gastrointestinal parasitic worms are a concern for the poultry industry, as they can affect bird health, welfare and production performance.

Tapeworms are a common cause of infection. However, roundworm infection is of great concern as it’s associated with reduced health and welfare, poor feed efficiency, weight loss, reduced egg production and quality (including worm colonisation in eggs), and in severe cases, death.

A trial was conducted with North Carolina State University, USA (2019) to determine the effect of Orego-Stim Powder on worm burdens during rearing and/or lay in a free range egg production system.

This study demonstrates that Orego-Stim is a cost-effective, natural solution for improving hen performance, reducing the number of second eggs and increasing egg production without compromising feed efficiency and whilst maintaining persistence of lay.

  • Supplementation of Orego-Stim Powder helped to reduce mean counts of roundworm
  • Risk of tapeworm infection in hens was reduced by up to 54%.

Sourced in Nature Working in Harmony with the Animals Biology

Anpario’s Natural Feed Additives are developed, produced and dispatched from our pioneering quality assured manufacturing plant in the UK.

Products available in our Orego-Stim range include;

Orego-Stim Liquid

(Ideal for large scale poultry producers)

Orego-Stim Avian Complete

(Ideal for smallholders)

As Fresh as the Day It Was Packed

  • Specialist multi-layered barrier foil bag.
  • Active ingredients do not deteriorate the packaging.
  • Heat sealing prevents losses of active ingredients.
  • 2 year shelf life.
  • Flexibility of application; available in both powder and liquid form.
  • Specialist packaging, unique bottle and multi-layered barrier.

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