Optomega Algae for Layers

Omega-3 Enriched Eggs and DHA

Docoshexaenoic acid (DHA) is a type of omega-3 fatty acid and is classed as an essential fatty acid. This means that it cannot be synthesised by the laying hen and therefore must be taken in through the diet. DHA is fundamental for the health and development of the bird and has also been shown to provide multiple benefits when included in human diets.

Benefits of DHA supplementation for human health include preventing and managing heart disease, supporting normal function of the brain and nervous system, maintenance of eye health and vision and helping to maintain normal blood pressure.

Microalgae has been shown to provide a rich source of DHA and can be supplemented in layer diets as Optomega Algae to help increase the omega-3 content of eggs and offer benefits to consumer health.

Benefits of Optomega Algae Supplementation in Egg Production

Optomega Algae is a High Quality, Sustainable Source of DHA

Sustainable Algal Source

Optomega Algae is produced from algae grown in controlled conditions using sugarcane to feed and fuel the fermentation process, resulting in a consistent and sustainable source of DHA. The resulting ingredient is blended onto specialist carriers to make a dry, free-flowing product making it ideal to blend into finished feeds.

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