Natural Alternatives to Zinc Oxide

We are supporting producers to implement new strategies to protect health and performance, post therapeutic zinc use ban

Estimated losses resulting from higher mortality and reduced daily weight gain



€1,080 million/year for the EU pig industry

Product innovation is driven by our customers and shaped by Anpario’s expertise within the feed additive sector. Our regional teams comprised of nutritionists, vets and experienced production managers support the implementation of our 4R’s approach to antibiotic usage.

Equates to £3.65/pig/year = £949 million/year based on European costing. Currency exchange was correct at the time of publication.

Anpario’s 4R’s Philosophy

Underpinning our Planet objectives is one of our core strategies. Anpario’s 4R’s approach to reducing antibiotic use in animal production; Review, Reduce, Replace, Responsibly supports our customers to reduce reliance on antibiotics, whilst maintaining efficient production using natural sustainable solutions.

We strive to maintain recognition as a lead innovator in speciality feed additives, always delivering value by using cutting edge science and technologies working in harmony with nature.





“Supporting livestock producers to reduce their reliance on antibiotics without impacting the health and efficiency of their production system, is central to our strategy and drives our product innovation. Our natural solutions offer strong sustainable alternatives, that reduce reliance or are capable of replacing conventional outmoded technologies. These speciality feed additives use cutting edge science and technologies and work in harmony with nature, delivering value and driving positive change every day to benefit livestock, people and the planet.”

– Dr Wendy Wakeman, Global Technical Director.

Read our Brochure on the 4R’s Approach to Successful Antibiotic Reduction

Developed to manage intestinal health in animals, supporting optimum gut integrity and performance. Orego-Stim is a consistently high quality, 100% natural oregano essential oil feed additive, formulated to be low inclusion and free-flowing for addition to finished feed or water to give an effective homogeneous mix.

Improved Piglet Liveability & Performance

Orego-Stim Supports Sow & Progeny in the Absence of Zinc Oxide

A study conducted with a large feed integrator on an Irish commercial pig farm has demonstrated that Orego-Stim supports sow lactation performance and substantially improves piglet weaning weights in comparison to piglets fed diets containing zinc oxide.

Piglet pre-weaning mortalities for starvation and scour (% of total mortalities per group).

Following Orego-Stim Supplementation of Sows and their Piglets:

  • Average weight gain from birth to weaning was increased by 490 g.
  • Piglets weighed 500 g more than those fed diets containing zinc oxide.
  • Piglets had lower incidence of mortality pre-weaning due to starvation or scour.
  • Medication usage was not affected by the removal of zinc oxide and replacement with Orego-Stim.

Driving Piglet Performance

Driving piglet performance through improved maternal nutrition is a cost-effective way to maximise lifetime performance and health of growing piglets, as piglets lost prior to weaning represent an economic loss, as well as a welfare target. Early microbial colonisation in young pigs provides a window of opportunity to modulate the gut microbiome and achieve long–term benefits on immune development, resistance to disease and digestive efficiency.

Equates to £60 per sow/year based on European costing. Currency exchange was correct at the time of publication.

A Cost Effective Alternative to Zinc Oxide

Orego-Stim Improves Daily Gain and Reduces Mortality in Piglets Post Weaning

Piglets fed diets containing Orego-Stim:

  • Performed as well as, if not numerically better, than piglets fed diets containing both benzoic acid and zinc oxide.
  • Had a lower average mortality % at both 21 & 49 days post weaning.

Equates to £0.18 per kg piglet gain based on European costing. Currency exchange was correct at the time of publication.

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