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Anpario plc is an independent international manufacturer and distributor of natural animal feed additives for animal health, nutrition and biosecurity.

Feed Additive Solutions from Anpario

Feed Protection


A highly effective acid based eubiotic (ABE) containing a synergistic blend formic and propionic acid, developed to help reduce the microbial load of raw materials during feed processing. Salgard also helps protect feed from recontamination beyond the mill in transit and storage on farm. Salgard has been formulated on Anpario’s unique mineral carrier system, to ensure controlled acid delivery throughout the feed manufacture process, defending finished feed from fungi and potential pathogens, such as Salmonella.

Key Benefits
  • Defends raw materials, finished feed from potential pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella
  • Long-lasting action – protects feed from recontamination
  • Low inclusion & safe to handle
  • Suitable for use as part of environmental mill hygiene control program
Salgard Antibacterial Efficacy

An independent laboratory based trial was conducted to test the antibacterial efficacy of Salgard.

Five inclusion rates of Salgard were assessed; 0 (control), 2, 4, 8 and 12 kg/t were added to a standard commercial layer mash. This was then artificially contaminated with three significant potentially pathogenic bacteria and incubated, and the bacterial counts were measured at 4, 24, 48 and 72 hours.

The results show that Salgard is effective in controlling bacterial activity in finished feed with a preservative action, and that it can help control levels of bacteria that negatively affect animal performance. The inclusion of Salgard required for effective bacterial decontamination is related to the microbial load, therefore regular microanalysis of raw materials is recommended.


pHorce is part of Anpario’s Acid Based Eubiotic (ABE) range. pHorce is a highly concentrated liquid blend of formic and propionic acid, formulated on an innovative micropearl carrier which is able to hold a high liquid acid content (67%) and provide fast acting, rapid acid release.

Key Benefits
  • Effective in control of bacterial activity such as Salmonella in raw materials and finished feed, providing a preservative action
  • pHorce can help control levels of bacteria that negatively affect animal performance
  • Proven action against in-feed viral pathogens
  • Helps to prevent mould, yeast and fungi growth (contains propionic acid)
pHorce is Versatile

pHorce can be used in four ways:

  • Treatment of susceptible oily raw materials such as; palm kernel meal, cottonseed meal and fishmeal. The inclusion of pHorce required for effective bacterial decontamination is related to the microbial load, therefore regular microanalysis of raw materials is recommended
  • Application to finished animal feed to maintain feed hygiene and help support animal health.
  • Routine flushing of the feed mill as part of biosecurity programmes
  • Targeting specific, high risk areas of the feed mill that are prone to development of bacteria, such as; the conditioner, cooler, conveyors and finished product bins
pHorce Innovative Carrier System
  • Fast acting, rapid acid release
  • Free flowing, dry powder which is easily dispersed
  • High liquid acid content (including formic acid) at 67%, pH 3.0


The Anpro range of technologies have been developed to help mitigate the potentially harmful effects associated with the presence of secondary fungal metabolites found in feed and raw materials. The range is designed for use across all livestock species and is approved for inclusion in organic production systems.

Key Benefits
  • Broad spectrum, low inclusion control system for feed quality management
  • Helps to maintain immune function
  • Helps to support gastrointestinal health
  • Helps to maintain optimal animal performance, supporting an animal to reach its genetic potential
Anpro Has Superior Binding

Anpario plc commissioned a trial to be carried out at Alimetrics Ltd. in Finland to determine the capability of different commercially available mycotoxin binder products to bind mycotoxins in vitro.

Both acidic (pH 2.5) and neutral (pH 6.5) conditions were tested to effectively mimic the gastrointestinal tract of livestock. The figure above shows the results of the dose response of binders at pH 2.5.

The results show that some products were effective at binding certain mycotoxins but not others and that Anpro was shown to have the broadest spectrum, and the highest binding ability at both pH levels and at all doses.

Feed Quality

Oxigard Free

Oxigard Free is an ethoxyquin free, synergistic blend of highly effective approved antioxidants; Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and citric acid. This synergistic antioxidant blend helps to protect vitamins and pigments, as well as improving shelf-life of feeds and feed materials. This is a result of delaying the terminal stages of oxidation, which may otherwise result in rancidity and off-odours.

Key Benefits
  • Fast acting, highly effective and ideal for high lipid content components & feed
  • Maintains optimum shelf life
  • Protects vitamin & mineral activity
  • Maintains quality & palatability
  • Helps prevent rancidity & off odours
Oxigard Free Effectively Delays Oxidation

A Rancimat Test was conducted to demonstrate the synergistic effect of an antioxidant blend of BHA and BHT, compared to a control, BHA or BHT group. The Rancimat Test measures electrical conductivity, a sharp increase in which indicates the induction point of oxidation. This induction point is when oxidation accelerates beyond control.

Results show that the BHA/BHT synergy in the Oxigard Free formulation delays oxidation most effectively. The combination of antioxidants extends the time to the point of induction and helps to delay the onset of rapid oxidation.


Moldgard is a superior, broad spectrum mould inhibitor developed for use in raw materials and finished feed. Preserving raw materials and finished feed is crucial in safeguarding the nutritional value of feed and providing livestock with feed of the highest quality to ensure optimal performance.

Key Benefits
  • A broad spectrum mould inhibitor developed for use as a preservative in raw materials and finished feed of all livestock species
  • Formulated from a synergistic blend of acids including propionic, acetic and sorbic acid
  • Aids in the control of moulds and yeasts within the raw material, finished feed and storage silo
  • Releases fast-acting, highly active liquid acid which results in an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial vapour that fully penetrates the feed
  • Does not impair palatability or feed intake
  • Low inclusion rates, releasing nutritional space in the feed formulation
  • Available as both a liquid and powder
Molgard Has Broad Spectrum Mould Inhibition

A laboratory trial, conducted at the State Veterinary University in Warsaw, Poland to investigate the efficacy of Moldgard against various fungi. A sample of commercial laying hen feed, with an initial moisture content of 9%, was used as the basal material for this study.

A mixed suspension of Candida albicans, Apergillus flavus, Aspergillus fumigates, Penicillium rugulosum and Fusarium graminearum at a level of 5 x 105 was mixed with 25 g of the basal feed material. Moldgard was added at rates of either 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 kg/t equivalent, and the samples were then incubated and mould growth analysed after 1, 2, 7, 14 and 21 days. At these time points, samples were analysed for mould growth by serial dilution and incubation at 25˚C for five days. The number of colonies counted at the start of the trial were 10,000.

Moldgard Has Long Lasting Efficacy

A laboratory trial was conducted to investigate the efficacy of Moldgard versus other commercial mould inhibiting products. Stored samples of mould inhibitor products were kept in high humidity and temperature conditions for up to 6 months.

Moldgard was more effective than competitor, even after being stored for up to 6 months prior to use and after three months incubation with feed.


The Mastercube Range provides formaldehyde free, low inclusion pellet binders. They are composed of a synergistic blend of polysaccharide gums, starch and a mineral hardener.

Key Benefits
  • Improves pellet quality and fewer fines produced, minimising waste and reducing costs
  • Reduced friction and energy use
  • Low inclusion, enabling more flexibility in feed formulation
  • Reduces process loss and dust in the mill which can help improve mill hygiene
Mastercube Increases Nutritional Space

Many products can improve pellet quality, but some do this at the risk of diluting the nutritional capacity of the feed or causing a slow throughput through the mill. The low inclusion capability of Mastercube allows for more flexibility by releasing nutritional space in the feed formulation. This provides both cost saving and nutritional benefits as well as superior pellet quality.

Mastercube Improves Feed Quality

Due to our unique and innovative formulation, the benefits of a high PDI (%) can be seen even at a low inclusion. This not only makes Mastercube a highly cost effective pellet improver, but it also provides more flexibility by releasing nutritional space in the feed formulation.

Mastercube Improves Energy Efficiency

At a low inclusion, Mastercube has been shown to significantly reduce fines and improve energy efficiency as a result of its unique and innovative formulation. This not only makes Mastercube a highly cost effective pellet improver, but also releases nutritional space in the formulation.

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