• Salgard Liquid is comprised of formic and propionic acids buffered onto a liquid carrier system.
  • When included in feed or water, Salgard Liquid helps to maintain a healthy gut microbiome and acts as a bacterial decontaminating agent to improve feed and water hygiene.
  • Results demonstrate that using Salgard Liquid in tilapia feed improves tilapia growth and survival, resulting in an ROI of 13.6:1.


  • Salgard Liquid contains formic acid (EU 1k236), a registered feed hygiene enhancer, and propionic acid (E280), a registered feed preservative.
  • The inclusion of these acids to tilapia feed can help to control bacterial contamination and aid digestive health in the animal.



A performance trial was conducted with a commercial tilapia farm in Mexico in which Salgard Liquid was included in the tilapia feed. The trial compared growth performance between a negative control group and a Salgard Liquid treatment group (Salgard Liquid at 1L per tonne of feed over a 25 week period). Both groups were fed at the same time points, water quality was measured throughout the trial, starting weights were the same at 1.1g per fish, and the initial stocking density was the same at 5,085 fish per group. Fish were stocked one week before the start of the trial to allow for acclimatisation. Feed intake, growth rate and mortality were measured and the Specific Growth Rate (SGR) and Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) were calculated.


  • The addition of Salgard Liquid to tilapia feed resulted in a 13% improvement in final fish weight and a 15% improvement in total pond biomass weight compared to the control group. (Fig 1.)
  • SGR and FCR were also both improved with the inclusion of Salgard Liquid (Fig 2.)
  • Survival throughout the trial was significantly improved following the addition of Salgard Liquid to the feed (Fig 3.) (Relative risk 1.02, p<0.0001).
  • These improvements resulted in a 15.57% increase in profit for the farm and a final return on investment (ROI) of 13.6:1. The results of the trial demonstrated substantial improvements in tilapia performance leading to the farm ending the trial at 25 weeks to allow for Salgard Liquid to be included into regular farm practices.