• Vitamin A is a common feed additive and it is affected by the oxidation process.
  • Oxigard can help slow down the oxidation process and protect the nutritional value of Vitamin A.


  • Vitamin A readily undergoes oxidation, the oxidation process degrades the nutritional value of vitamin A.
  • Oxigard is part of Anpario’s antioxidant range and can provide protection against oxidation.



An independent trial was conducted in the UK using a standard swine vitamin premix split into four equal proportions and assigned to 1 of 4 treatments: No antioxidant (Control); Oxigard; Ethoxyquin (ETQ); Competitor product (Comp A). All antioxidants and competitor product were included at 125 mg/kg. Samples were stored at 40oC. Vitamin A assays were conducted by an independent laboratory at initial manufacture and at weeks 1, 4 and 12.


Figure 1. The recovery percentage of vitamin A in a standard swine vitamin premix stored at 40oC.

  • The results showed that without quality antioxidants, the degradation of vitamin A reaches 20% by 12 weeks of storage (Figure 1).
  • All antioxidants tested showed protection towards vitamin A (Figure1).
  • Oxigard demonstrated superior protection against degradation of the vitamin A compared to other antioxidants, providing the best antioxidant protection to vitamin A (Figure 1).