• Active ingredients of Orego-Stim Powder (carvacrol and thymol) can be recovered from broiler feed after pelleting at 70°C, 80°C, 90°C and 98°C.
  • Recovery rates for both components were as expected and above 90%.
  • Further work is underway to provide in-feed analysis for carvacrol and thymol in a range of diets.
  • Orego-Stim is a high quality plant based eubiotic, containing 100% natural oregano essential oil on a mineral carrier which enables a steady controlled release in the animal.
  • This trial was designed in order to evaluate the effect of heat and pelleting on the recovery of the main active components in Orego-Stim.

An independent study was conducted to evaluate the heat stability of Orego-Stim in feed manufacture at the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) in Taastrup, Denmark. A standard broiler meal, consisting of corn, soy and 2kg/t Orego-Stim powder (Control), was pelleted at 70°C, 80°C, 90°C and 98°C using a Simon Heesen monoroller with horizontal die, with minimum 30 seconds retention time. The control meal and pelleted feed were sent to Reading Scientific Services Ltd. (RSSL) in the UK to test for carvacrol and thymol. Recovery rates in the pelleted feed at the different temperatures are shown in Figure 1, using the control as the base at 100%.


Figure 1. Recovery of Orego-Stim in poultry feed following pelleting at different temperatures.

  • Orego-Stim is shown to be heat stable in standard and high pelleting temperatures as both carvacrol and thymol were recovered at more than 90% after pelleting at all temperatures.