• Early microbial colonisation in young pigs represents a window of opportunity to modulate the gut microbiome and achieve long–term benefits on immune development, resistance to disease and digestive efficiency.
  • This work is part of the Anpario’s 4R approach (Review, Reduce and Replace antimicrobials Responsibly) which helps manage gut health and support healthier livestock through the use of natural products.
  • This trial showed that Orego-Stim® is able to support sow lactation performance, and their progeny, leading to improved growth and reduced use of antimicrobials.


  • Orego-Stim® is a high quality eubiotic containing 100% natural oregano oil.
  • The suckling period is a critical time in the piglet’s life for the acquisition of a healthy gut microbiota necessary for the development of digestive function, gut barrier protection and immune development.



Anpario conducted a randomized blinded trial with a UK commercial herd of 620 indoor (LW x LR) sows managed by Nottingham Trent University. Sixty-two multiparous sows across two batches were randomly allocated to either a control treatment (CON), in which sows received a blank carrier or Orego-Stim (OS) treatment at an equivalent rate of 500g/t. Both treatments were top dressed to sow diets daily from seven days prior to farrow (pre-farrow) until weaning (~26 days). All piglets were ear-tagged at birth and any cross-fostering was carried out within treatment. At two weeks of age, piglets from all treatment groups were offered creep feed containing OS (at 1kg/t). Piglets were re-weighed approximately 10 weeks after weaning to understand any long-term benefits of Orego-Stim in creep diets.


graph showing results
a-b letters denote significant difference between treatments (P<0.05); A-B letters denotes significant difference between treatments (P<0.1)
Fig 1- Piglet growth performance parameters for body weight and health from birth to weaning


  • Sows receiving Orego-Stim maintained higher BCS at weaning with statistically similar feed intakes to control sows.
  • Piglets from the Orego-Stim treatment had significantly improved average daily weight gain and body weight at week 1 of age (Fig 1). ADG was improved with OS supplementation over the course of the trial.
  • Piglets from Orego-Stim litters had significantly reduced morbidity resulting in a reduction in therapeutic treatment and reduced medication use and pre-weaning mortality from 14.3% to 10.9%.
  • Piglet weight gain following weaning was numerically better in OS litters compared to controls with body weight at 10 weeks post weaning and finisher weights improving.