• Moldgard is effective in controlling mould growth.
  • Moldgard maintained mould inhibition efficacy after 6 months of storage.

A laboratory trial was conducted to investigate the efficacy of Moldgard versus other commercial mould inhibiting products.


Stored samples of mould inhibitor products were kept in high humidity and temperature conditions for up to 6 months. A broiler feed with a dry matter of 88.5%, was wetted to give a moisture content of 15%. Duplicate samples, weighing 60 g each, were taken from this, divided into three aliquots of 20 g and mixed thoroughly with either competitor or 0.5 kg/t Moldgard from different shelf lives (0, 1, 3 or 6 months). The other sample served as a negative control. Samples were then incubated at 22 ˚C in a test-tube for seven weeks to allow any fungal growth to develop. The first duplicate was analysed for growth at 28 days, the second at 84 days of incubation.


  • Both products inhibited fungal proliferation.
  • Moldgard was more effective than competitor, even after being stored for up to 6 months prior to use and after three months incubation with feed.