• Mastercube Plus is a natural pellet binder designed to improve efficiency of the whole milling process and optimise pellet quality.
  • The pellet binding efficiency of Mastercube Plus was compared to the synthetic binder Poly Methyl Carbamide (PMC) in shrimp diets.
  • Results demonstrate that Mastercube Plus can effectively replace PMC in shrimp feed, maintaining pellet quality without affecting the amount of nutritional space within the pellet.


  • Mastercube Plus is a natural pellet binder containing polysaccharide gums.
  • Shrimp feed in a grazing manner throughout the day, therefore analysing the efficacy of a pellet binder over a 24-hour period is essential in fully assessing a binder’s suitability for aquaculture diets.
  • This trial was conducted to determine the suitability of Mastercube Plus as a natural alternative to synthetic PMC in shrimp diets.



The study was conducted at the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand 2020. Either Mastercube Plus or PMC was included in a standard shrimp feed (40% crude protein, 7% crude oil) at 5 kg/tonne of feed. Pellets were subjected to a 24-hour water stability test by immersion in fresh water. Samples were taken at 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 hours and were assessed, in triplicate, for nutrient retention by proximate analysis, water stability and water conductivity over the 24-hour period. Water conductivity is measured to assess the level of nutrients present in the water. In addition, the durability of the pellets was measured by assessing the pellet durability index (PDI) over a 10-minute period.


  • There were no differences in any measurement between the pellets containing Mastercube Plus or those with PMC (see Figures 1-3).
  • This long period of pellet stability and durability during water submersion shows benefits for aquatic grazing species such as shrimps.
  • Mastercube Plus, included in pelleted feed at 5 kg/tonne, is as effective as synthetic PMC, at the same inclusion, in ensuring shrimp feed quality.