• EU (EFSA) maximum permitted levels for aflatoxin in non-dairy complete feed is 20µg/kg, though below this level aflatoxin presence may still negatively impact health and reduce animal performance.
  • Anpario’s Anpro range has been shown to reduce aflatoxin (afB1) in broiler blood and liver.
  • Anpro, at low inclusions, is an effective toxin binder against high levels of aflatoxin in feed.


  • Aflatoxin is the only mycotoxin that is regulated by the EU with a maximum permitted level in feed at 20mg/kg for non-dairy livestock (EU Directive 2002/32/EU).
  • The presence of aflatoxin in poultry feed can reduce feed intake and inhibit performance, leading to high economic losses.



An independent in vivo trial was conducted by Alimetrics (Finland), to assess the potential of Anpro to bind aflatoxin B1 in broilers. 240 male broilers (Ross 308) were allocated to one of three treatments, with 8 pens per treatment and 10 birds per pen.  Birds were fed a standard commercial broiler starter (0-14 days) and grower diet (15-35 days) spiked with 5µg/kg aflatoxin B1 in the starter and 20µg/kg in the grower diets.  The three treatments had either no Anpro, 0.5kg/t Anpro included or 1.0kgt Anpro included.  Narasin was included as a coccidiostat in all diets.  At day 35, blood and liver samples were collected and analsyed for aflatoxin B1.


  • Anpro significantly reduced the level of aflatoxin B1 in blood when included at 1kg/t and numerically reduced at 0.5kg/t (Fig. 1).
  • Liver levels of aflatoxin B1 were reduced by Anpro inclusion (Fig. 2).