Salkil helps to lower the intestinal pH by supporting the natural gut processes that stimulate the proliferation of beneficial bacteria. Salkil creates a low pH environment around the carrier itself.

The Salkil carrier provides a framework for the colonisation of beneficial bacteria e.g. Lactobacillus, so that a balanced gut microbiota is established as quickly as possible.

The presence of Salkil in the GIT helps the microbiota ‘buffer’ intestinal stress that could upset this balance. This is relevant because Salkil is compatible with antibiotics and will not interfere with the antibiotics directly for the reasons mentioned above. Moreover, the intestinal lumen contains fluid, mucus etc. which further dilutes in-feed additives.

Antibiotics in feed will upset the balance of the gut microbiota, potentially suppressing the gut microbiota or the beneficial bacteria. Salkil will support the microbiota to counteract any negative effect the antibiotic has on the beneficial gut bacteria.

Salkil is a valuable tool to use to support the bird’s intestinal health when antibiotics are used.