Salkil is compatible with antibiotics and vaccines

Salkil powder is unlikely to interfere with vaccines as these are applied by spraying directly or water application. Salkil powder is used within a compound feed and would not be fed directly to the animal.

Salkil liquid would also not be expected to interfere with antibiotics in water application.

When incorporated in feed, provided the correct and best practice procedures are followed when manufacturing the feed, no problems should follow.

Anpario’s experience with premix manufacturing where antibiotics and vitamins would usually be incorporated suggests that the acids would not be directly added to antibiotics or vice versa. The antibiotics and vitamins would be added in an appropriate sequence to allow for nil ‘reaction’ to take place. There should also be a sufficient amount of carrier used, such as corn cob to ensure premix integrity is maintained.

In water application, then it is usual practice to suspend all additives added via the drinking water before and during use of medications, unless there is data to support its use, which we consider unlikely in most cases.