pHorce is a highly concentrated liquid blend of pure formic and propionic acid, formulated on Anpario’s innovative mineral carrier system. pHorce provides antibacterial (including but not limited to Salmonella spp.) and antifungal activity, ensuring maximum efficacy as a raw material preservative and in the control of unwanted, potentially pathogenic, bacteria within the animal.

Main Benefits:
  • Fast acting, highly concentrated acid with a pH of 3.0.
  • Free flowing, dry powder which is easily dispersed within raw materials allowing for a homogeneous mix.
  • Reduces pathogen load, minimising gut stress and aiding development of balanced microbiota.
  • Promotes animal growth and productivity.


Unique Carriers

The nature of the carriers is what makes Anpario’s products unique in the market.

pHorce Carrier                        Acid release from the carrier in pHorce

Liquid acids and acid salts have been traditionally used for this purpose, in addition to disinfecting drinking lines. They can be corrosive and difficult to handle. Anpario have taken a different approach, absorbing organic acids onto a solid, mineral carrier.


Unique selling points for Anpario’s Acid Based Eubiotics