Salkil™ is Anpario’s market leading acid-based eubiotic, comprised of formic and propionic acids on a unique carrier system and is licensed for use as a feed decontaminating agent, including but not limited to Salmonella sp. Salkil has been proven to significantly improve both breeder and subsequent progeny performance.

The gastrointestinal tract of the newly-hatched chick may already be colonised by bacteria from the mother hen. Therefore, ensuring that the biome transfer from the breeder hen to the chick is both balanced and contains beneficial bacteria is important as this has a profound effect on lifetime performance.

Salkil promotes the proliferation of beneficial bacteria, enabling a bird to develop a well-balanced gut microflora population. This in turn decreases the number of viable enteropathogens, such as Salmonella sp. within the bird, and consequently reduces shedding into the environment. Salkil is proven to increase breeder fertility, hatchability and egg weight, and progeny from breeders fed Salkil have been found to have significantly increased weight gain and improved FCR.

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