• Shrimp hatcheries commonly use probiotics and antibiotics in feed and water to help support health and performance of larvae.
  • Pathogens, such as Vibrio , can negatively impact hatchery productivity and certain strains can be particularly difficult to identify, resulting in a significant impact on survivability.
  • Prefect Acid Based Eubiotic (ABE) designed to support gut health formulated from a combination of free butyric, formic and propionic acids and their salts. Prefect also contains fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS).
  • Including Prefect directly into the water and larval feed improved survivability of shrimp larvae challenged with Vibrio in the absence of antibiotics.

A commercial study was conducted at a large shrimp hatchery in Brazil over a 14-day period to assess the suitability of Prefect in supporting shrimp larvae health and performance during a Vibrio challenge in the absence of antibiotics. Twelve tanks were stocked with shrimp nauplii and allocated to one of two different groups, with 6 tanks in each group. The first group were stocked in tanks with Prefect added directly to the water and the second group were the control group and were stocked in tanks without any Prefect. Nauplii were grown for 3 days until the zoea phase, at which time the control group was fed a standard diet and the Prefect group were fed a standard diet supplemented with Prefect at 5 kg/t for 14 days. Nauplii, zoea and larvae were not specifically challenged, however the objective was to reduce the concentration of Vibriosis in the water of the production tanks and the mortality observed occurred under standard production conditions.


graphs showing results from trial

The addition of Prefect to water and feed resulted in:

  • An increased survivability after supplementing Prefect directly to the water for the first 3 days (nauplii-zoea phases).
  • A 50% improvement in final zoea survival compared to the control group with no additives in the water.
  • Increased survivability from the mysis to post-larval phase following Prefect supplementation in the diet.
  • A 92% improvement in final larvae production compared to the control group.
  • Increased sales resulting in an additional US$13,725/month*.


Including Prefect directly into the water and larval feed improved survivability of shrimp larvae challenged with Vibrio spp. in the absence of antibiotics.

*Based on production of 200,000 post-larvae and 500,000 nauplii per year.


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