Anpario plc is an independent international manufacturer and distributor of natural animal feed additives for animal health, nutrition and biosecurity. Our specialist feed technologies are both innovative and tailored to meet the ever increasing population requirements for healthy food.

Anpario’s technologies are sold in over 80 countries through established sales and distribution networks, which includes a number of wholly owned subsidiaries in key markets around the world. We are currently looking for a Technical Product Manager for Ruminant to join the team.

Job Title: Technical Product Manager – Ruminant
Department: Technical
Site: Manton Wood (WFH)
Working Hours: 37.5 per week.
Reports to: Global Technical Director
Responsible for: N/A
  • To aid in the management of all aspects of the Ruminant species product group area; from technical formulation of the range through to positioning the product brands in the global marketplace in relation to ruminant species, technical features, branding and pricing strategy, ensuring the range is innovative and developed to meet the current needs and future expectations of the customer.
  • To facilitate the customer support function of the technical team which includes registrations, technical queries, technical documentation and to ensure the commercial teams are in line with training requirements. Ensuring any questions from customers coming into technical are prioritized, coordinated and managed in an appropriate manner.
Technical Responsibilities:

  • Work with Technical Services to ensure all the formulations of each product in the group meet the required efficiency, safety and regulatory requirements as well as being cost effective to optimise gross profit.
  • Help identify any gaps in trial information required to support the performance of the products.
  • Responsible for setting trial protocols and managing all professional trials with institutions or dedicated trial organisations to ensure good practice is used together with Global Technical Director.
  • Liaising, advising, coordinating technical sales staff undertaking customer trials in the various regions to ensure Anpario’s products are trialled in the correct manner.
  • Writing up trials for both commercial use and for presentation at technical conferences or technical publications where appropriate.
  • Technical support of the product group to the international sales team and international distributors, which may require some international travel to support the regional profit centres.
  • Work closely with technical services to ensure all regulatory and quality requirements are taken into account for the ruminant product group.


Technical Marketing Responsibilities

  • Follow the product strategy for the group.
  • Work with the marketing team to manage the positioning of the products in the marketplace in terms of species type, application and on price to quality: good, better, best strategy (known as price lining).
  • Supported by marketing, to prepare coherent, concise and easy to understand marketing materials such as presentations, brochures, trial reports for the international sales teams and international distributors to use.
  • Work with marketing to prepare editorial for the trade press on relevant topics to the ruminant product group.
  • Regularly assess the sales and gross profit performance of the product comparing against competitive products in the market.


Professional / Management Responsibilities:

  • Line up product training with registration requirements with customers/distributors/sales colleagues in regions in aa appropriate and timely manner.
  • Where a graduate/trainee is assigned to the product group, then help to coach, mentor, train and develop the trainee to undertake some and eventually all of the required tasks.
  • Manage within the annual budget any trial work and development of the product group for sign-off by the executive management team.
  • Manage project proposals in-line with the capex policy to seek specific approval for the expenditure.
  • Likely to have a degree in Science: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology or Animal Nutrition. Not essential to have a Ph.D.
  • The incumbent must be able to demonstrate proven technical expertise and experience in most or all of the following areas.
    – Product innovation and development through R&D.
    – Good understanding of formulation work.
    – Full knowledge and analysis of trial work.
    – Technical marketing and sales.Technical support.
    – Biochemistry, chemistry, nutrition, microbiology, etc.
    – Technical Support.
  • Capable of recognizing commercial opportunities and acting upon them.
  • Experienced in working with environmental and sustainable solutions for livestock whilst contributing to zero carbon targets
  • Of the calibre to work with a high degree of autonomy.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent people skills.
  • Prepared to be hands on.
  • A get up and go attitude – will have initiative and an innovative approach.

Competitive Salary & Benefits


For more details and how to apply, please email a copy of your CV to: