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Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance

Anpario seeks to ensure a sustainable future, conducting business in a social, ethical and environmentally responsible manner; engaging with all of our key stakeholders, including the communities in which the company operates, our people and environmental challenges.

Through our people, products and operations, sustainability is at the beating heart of Anpario. It is our responsibility to identify problems faced by producers globally and find effective sustainable solutions.

As we continue to build on the strong foundations built over the past four decades, we aim to be a leading light now, and in the future.

Working with Nature – Our Food and Environment

Anpario work with nature to champion the production of safe and healthy food globally.

Our ongoing mission is to support and supply producers, becoming a key influencer in assisting global supermarkets, farmers and food chain producers to switch to healthier, sustainable feed ingredients to benefit both animal and human health.

Through our cutting-edge products, innovations, and collaborations, we contribute to feeding a growing global population in a world with finite resources. Helping to create good health and nutrition throughout the supply chain and combatting animal diseases that can destroy animals, livelihoods, and world food supply.

Our innovative products work in harmony with the animals’ biology to promote healthy growth and demonstrate value:

  • to the animals fed directly through all life stages;
  • indirectly to their progeny;
  • and ultimately within the human food chain.


This contributes to the more efficient use of feed ingredients to reduce environmental footprints and ensures responsibly produced food.

Anpario’s Sustainable Objectives

100% sustainable products

Anpario’s key focus is to optimise animal protein production by using alternative sustainable natural resources, for the benefit of animals, our customers and the human food chain. One of our core strategies to achieve this objective is Anpario’s 4R’s approach to reducing antibiotic use in animal production (Review, Reduce, Replace, Responsibly). This supports our global customers to achieve efficient production without impacting negatively on future generations. We partner with customers, research organisations and suppliers who share our belief in responsible natural solutions.

Zero Finite Material

Anpario’s ambition is to cease to consume finite materials that cannot be renewed or replenished, using only raw materials from common minerals and plants with plentiful natural resources. Fish and marine oils are sourced from farmed fish produced for the human food chain or sourced from suppliers certified for sustainable fishing.

Zero waste and pollutants

Our production facility has established benchmark levels and is dedicated to drive continuous improvements to increase efficiency and eliminate waste. Anpario suppliers share the same ethos and a commitment to natural based farming solutions, including circularity in production with no use of external resources except rainwater, green energy and zero use of chemical pesticides.

Antibiotic Replacement

As part of our 4R’s approach for responsible sustainable development we are committed to ensuring a sustainable future for all. It is our duty as a leader, in the field of speciality feed additives and a key influencer in the agricultural sector globally, to provide superior value and cutting-edge innovation to address the global challenges we all face. We must also lead the way in support of; responsible environmental practice, making a difference to the lives of the communities in which we operate, and educating our stakeholders to increase efficiencies, thereby reducing waste and the impact of our activities on the wider environment. – Richard Edwards, Anpario CEO.

We work in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development — adopted by world leaders in September 2015 at an historic UN Summit. Sustainable development has been defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Watch: Nations United: Urgent Solutions for Urgent Times – sets out the action needed to build a better world, as COVID-19 threatens decade of global progress. Saturday 19 September 09:00 ET / 13:00 GMT (30 minutes)

Read: ‘The State of the World’s Antibiotics 2021: A Global Analysis of Antimicrobial Resistance and Its Drivers‘ here.


Zero Hunger

Agriculture and fisheries provide nutritious food for all and generate decent incomes, supporting people-centred rural development and protecting the environment. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations defines five principles of sustainability:

                  1. Increase productivity, employment, and value addition in food systems,
                  2. Protect and enhance natural resources,
                  3. Improve rural livelihoods, foster inclusive economic growth and social well-being,
                  4. Enhancing the resilience of people, communities, and ecosystems,
                  5. Adapt governance to new challenges.

Anpario’s mission is completely aligned with these principles and our products work in tune with nature’s inherent processes within each of the animal species to support production of safe and economic food for a growing population.

Good Health & Well-being

The misuse of antibiotics in animal production can lead to lack of efficacy, which is in turn a significant threat to veterinary and human health.

We are leading work in collaboration with major animal and feed producers to successfully reduce the unnecessary use of antibiotics, safeguarding their use for treating sick animals – promoting optimal animal health and welfare.

We provide products and guidance to support farmers to:

  • Improve animal gut health.
  • Defend against mycotoxins and environmental challenges.
  • Reduce and where possible remove the unnecessary use of antibiotics from the feed chain.


We are leading in working in collaboration with major feed producers to successfully eradicate antibiotics and remove unnecessary use of other pharmaceuticals.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Clean water is vital to both animal and human health. Using scientific expertise, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to support water treatment programmes.

Our product portfolio includes a highly efficacious effervescent water-soluble tablet (Credence) that kills harmful moulds, fungi, bacteria and viruses in water as a cost-effective one-step process on farm.


Responsible Consumption and Production

We help prevent animal diseases, which can eliminate significant animal populations, leading to devastating losses of food producing animals. Our sourcing and manufacturing processes are focused on minimising carbon footprint and using recyclable and plentiful materials. To achieve more sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources, we help prevent animal diseases, which can eliminate significant animal populations leading to devastating losses of food producing animals.

Our natural essential oil and acid products included in animal diets help eliminate pathogens and prevent animal diseases such as; Salmonella, E-Coli, Coccidiosis, Necrotic Enteritis, Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea virus (PEDv), African Swine Fever (ASF).

Our products are also proven to work safely and effectively alongside vaccination programmes.

Climate Action

Our strategic focus in both operations and product outputs is to positively influence the global challenge of climate change. Our natural acid and essential oil products can help reduce negative environmental impacts from livestock e.g. ammonia, methane and nitrous oxide emissions; enable a move to more nutritious diets with a lower environmental footprint; and prevent nutrient loss and degradation of ecosystems.


Life Below Water

Our 100% natural aquaculture products work on the same principles as for land animals and are effective for shrimp and other farmed fish such as Salmon and Tilapia.

We work with aquaculture experts to innovate and develop new formulations for sustainable fish production.


Partnerships for the Goals

To achieve optimal circular sustainability means educating distribution networks, employees and partners; working with customers, our supply chain and leading global Universities who share our goals to lead initiatives to replace unsustainable practices. It means leading by example and actively demonstrating how we apply and achieve sustainable objectives to our partners to inspire positive change.

Our team are motivated to create programmes to lead and educate on the global challenges facing world health, food production and biosecurity.

Through our initiatives and education programmes we work closely with global producers of animal proteins, vets and nutritionists to help reduce and where possible responsibly remove and replace antibiotics by changing animal diets. Anpario are committed to product development and extensive field trials to support its 4R’s programme and deliver demonstrable cost-effective solutions for producers.


Standards and Ethics

Adherence to rigorous food industry quality standards ensures the highest standard for food safety, total accountability and 100% traceability from raw material source to consumer tables. Anpario retains key industry quality accreditations in particular UFAS and FEMAS certifications. The Group is committed to achieving a safe and secure working environment in all locations, operating an established group health and safety policy applicable to all employees. Other measures include:

  • responsible procurement policies in place to source raw materials to high specification and rigorous quality standards. Anpario seeks to partner suppliers operating to highest standards of honesty and integrity. These ethics include through responsible procurement and due diligence, ensuring: suppliers operate rigorous quality standards and comply with all applicable ethical labour, trade laws and regulations, including the requirements of The Modern Slavery Act 2015;
  • the operation of manufacturing facilities to the highest standards; compliance with recognised quality standards; and a safe and secure working environment in all our locations;
  • compliance with environmental legislation and responsible practices minimising the impact of its operations on the environment;
  • absolute transparency and traceability of raw materials and compliance with international regulations; and
  • zero tolerance of bribery and corruption.


People and Community

Going the the extra mile for sustainable practice means:

  • We use science, technical ability and change in our practices to lead industry innovation. Increasing efficiencies with fewer resources and reducing our environmental impact;
  • Reducing waste – from business operations, and supporting producers to maintain good animal health;
  • Implementing direct actions to conserve, protect and enhance natural resources;
  • Reducing carbon emissions, and helping our stakeholders to do the same;
  • Naturally optimising production and feed efficiency for our partners and customers;
  • Taking a leading role in the industry to drive positive change;
  • Supporting local people and projects to influence positive social change – enhancing resilience of people, communities and ecosystems;
  • Protecting and improving rural livelihood, equity and social well-being;
  • Developing our people, supporting their personal and professional growth;


Our mindset is inherent in solving problems from new perspectives using science and technology to evoke behavioural change. Values of transparency, integrity, teamwork, innovation, and leadership have been established by the passion and commitment of our people. The Anpario ‘Green Team’, with representatives from all disciplines, are tasked to initiate improved, more sustainable ways of working.

Charitable Support

Anpario supports charities and the local community through donations and volunteering. You can see regular news updates on our charitable support work on our News pages.

This year our chosen Charity of the Year is DKMS – an international, non-profit organisation is the world’s largest bone marrow donor centre with more than 9 million registered donors, more than 80,000 of whom have helped save lives by donating!

Find out more information about this great charity, donate and register if you wish to become a donor via this link:

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We believe that good corporate governance serves the long-term interests of shareholders, strengthens the Board and Management, and further enhances the trust Anpario has earned from operating with uncompromising integrity and doing business the right way.

Corporate Governance Statement