Production Facilities

Our product range is developed and manufactured at our facility in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom and then shipped to our customers both in the United Kingdom and abroad. This central facility provides our customers with high quality proven products and innovative research driven solutions.

Ranges of liquid and powder-based blends are made that can be used in animal feed and in some cases sanitise production equipment.

Blends are made in ‘state of the art’ stainless steel blenders complete with spray bars that gently spray bespoke liquid blends onto a variety of bases to create our own individual products.

In 2016 Anpario invested GBP 1 million in the upgrade of the production plant to keep up with the growing demand from customers, with a faster turnaround time.

Our production facility has always manufactured products of the highest standard, but we recognized that we could improve our efficiency in regard to our bag filling and palletization process. We have three dry powder production lines in addition to liquid mixing capabilities. The new investment has enabled us to eliminate operator variances with bags now collected, filled, check-weighed, and sealed automatically at much greater speeds than before. We make to order, because of the international nature of our business, and therefore the investment in automation in recent years has helped to increase throughput speeds by up to 200% on some products. This increase significantly reduces order turnaround time, especially during peak demand periods. With higher throughput and a consistent tonnage output being achieved, production planning is now much easier and has led to huge benefits when managing the raw material supply into the production plant; this streamlining is also beneficial to our suppliers too.

Anpario’s new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system processes new orders and generates a production instruction in the factory in real time, resulting in new orders getting into production quicker.